The Importance of Fuel Management: What Does it Do?

Fuel Monitoring
At Fueltek, we understand the importance of accurate fuel management systems. These systems help you to keep track of the fuel used by your fleet using real-time monitoring to give you completely accurate data that you can then utilise to make improvements in your business operations.

The systems are also remote, so you can manage everything from your phone – meaning there’s no need for outdated stocktaking or tank management. You can keep track of the fuel usage in your fleet from virtually anywhere provided you have an internet connection.

Let’s take a look at how fuel management actually works, as well as the benefits it can provide you as a fleet manager.


How Does Fuel Management Work?

Fuel management systems are designed to monitor and control fuel consumption within your fleet. They accurately measure and track fuel inventories and how fuel is dispensed. This information is then stored in systems and reported to the manager through the use of web portals to provide this useful data.

Fuel management systems are all a little different, so here’s a breakdown of how our systems work at Fueltek. We can provide you with a complete fuel management package that allows you to create your own fuel station on-site. You pick the shape, colour and specification of all the equipment, and then fuel is stored on your site and software implemented for monitoring.

One example of our fuel management systems is our FT4000 fuel management system, which is designed to interface with existing fuel pumps to provide you with complete control over fuel dispensing. The hardware is a Fuel Access Control Terminal that is installed at the fuelling location, and this then communicates with the Fueltek FMO browser-based software that can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection.

The software can then collect information about drivers fuelling their vehicles, fleet lists, create reports, run stock control, keep track of transaction storage and maintain data tables. You can then use this data to improve business operations by making data-driven decisions.

Fueltek – How Fuel Management Systems Work from FUELTEK on Vimeo.


The Benefits of a Fuel Management System

Here are just some of the benefits of implementing a fuel management system into your fleet:

Improved Data Accuracy

Human error in data collection is very common, so when you switch to an automated system, you can rely on the data being accurate and up to date. Your fuel management system will update your data in real-time, allowing you to intervene with early responses to any problems, improve vehicle performance and keep your fleet on the road for longer. The data is ideal for analysis and decision-making.

Lower Costs of Fuel

Fuel is one of the costliest elements of running a fleet, but a fuel management system can save money on fuel costs. When you have a direct view of exactly how much fuel is being used per vehicle for each journey, you will be able to watch out for any anomalies. You may discover that some drivers are using your fuel for personal uses, and you can put a stop to that behaviour and ensure the fuel is only being used for fleet-related purposes.

Reducing Fraud

Fuel theft is a big issue in the industry. Thieves can use a method known as fuel skimming, where they replace card readers at fuel pumps with a skimmer that captures cardholder data, creating fraud charges. But a fuel management system can keep track of the exact amount of fuel that is being used, and when the fuel is being accessed. You can use this data to identify security issues within your fleet and implement solutions.

Improve Fuel Efficiency

With a fuel management system, you benefit from improved fuel efficiency, which helps to prevent fuel waste. When you track vehicle maintenance and driver routes, you can utilise this data to make cost-effective decisions, such as implementing more efficient driving routes and encouraging better driver behaviour, both of which will improve fuel efficiency.

Fueltek Fuel Pump
A fuel management system can save you a lot of money in the long run as you reduce fuel wastage, theft and misuse. Arm yourself with accurate, real-time data that can help you take your business to the next level. At Fueltek, we have an extensive range of fuel monitoring systems, fuel management systems and fuel storage tanks and pumps designed to help make your fleet the best it can be.

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