How Smart Tech Helps Fleet Management

Smart technology has become essential for most industries, and fleet management is one area that is being transformed by recent technological advancements, helping fleets to become more competitive and efficient. At Fueltek, we’re always working to develop and improve our … Continue reading

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What Does Brexit Mean for Fleets?

Brexit has been an issue for many industries, including fleet management. So, now that the UK has left the EU and there is an agreement in place, let’s take a look at what Brexit means for fleets and vehicles operating … Continue reading

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Case Study: DACHSER UK

The story of DACHSER perfectly illustrates how a dynamic company can develop and adapt in line with technological progress and the influence of globalisation on the logistics industry.  From the beginning, the DACHSER strategy has been focused towards the sustainable … Continue reading

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Why Fuel Management is More Important Than Ever Before

Since the pandemic started, we’ve seen an increased demand for courier services. With more drivers on the road, fuel management systems are a key component of managing a fleet. They help you to ensure the safety of your fuel and … Continue reading

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HVO – The Answer To The Fleet Industry’s CO2 Emission Problem?

There’s no doubt that the world’s CO2 emissions problem needs addressing, and as world leaders take significant steps to phase out harmful fossil fuels from use, there has been a scramble for fuel providers to look for cleaner alternatives.

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Case Study: T&M Plant

T&M Plant has 29 years’ experience creating custom-built bowsers that are designed to meet project needs and solve challenges across all modes of transport. As part of their operations, they provide an on-site re-fuelling service for vehicles and plant operated … Continue reading

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How Has Increased Demand Affected Courier Services?

Couriers have seen a significant increase in deliveries as a result of people switching to online shopping because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The lockdown and subsequent closures of shops meant that people who may have never turned to online shopping … Continue reading

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Fleet Industry Calling for Fast-Track Action on Air Pollution

Fleet groups, including DPD and Lime, have come together to call upon the UK government to fast-track the action on reducing air pollution from vehicles. It follows the Prime Minister’s Ten Point Plan for a Green Industrial Revolution.

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The Importance of Fuel Management: What Does it Do?

At Fueltek, we understand the importance of accurate fuel management systems. These systems help you to keep track of the fuel used by your fleet using real-time monitoring to give you completely accurate data that you can then utilise to … Continue reading

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Could Remote Working Be the New Normal for Fleet Management?

If there is one thing that the impact of Covid-19 has shown industries throughout the world, it’s that working from home is a much more viable possibility than previously thought.

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5 Fleet Manager Essentials

Fleet managers play a pivotal role in a logistics or transportation company. To be a successful fleet manager, they must be able to maintain and be on top of an entire fleet of vehicles, keep track of deliveries and ensure … Continue reading

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Could Fleet Outsourcing Be A Long-Term Solution for Fleet Managers?

It has always been preferable to use inhouse drivers and vehicles in fleet management, but the global pandemic has called everyone to question beliefs that they once held as true. Today, we are considering whether outsourcing your fleets could become … Continue reading

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How To Check Your Fleet Is Still Roadworthy

The last few months may have seen your fleet put on the backburner while businesses put operations on hold. Now with things starting to open up again and companies returning to full operation, you might be thinking it’s time to … Continue reading

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How To Prepare Your Fleet For The ‘New Normal’

With millions of workers heading back into their workplace over the last few weeks, we felt that now is the perfect time to help all fleet managers prepare for the ‘new normal’. Ensuring that your business is fully prepared and … Continue reading

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How the Coronavirus Pandemic Has Affected Fleets Across UK

The Coronavirus pandemic has hit every industry across the world, completely transforming the way many businesses work and there is good reason to believe it may have everlasting consequences that alter the very structures and processes under which some industries … Continue reading

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IoT Technologies in Fleet Management

IoT technologies have filtered their way into almost every industry over the years, and you may be surprised to hear that they are now well embedded in the fleet management industry. From modern fuel management systems to GPS trackers on … Continue reading

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How To Minimise Your Fleet’s Costs Post Coronavirus

Ensuring that your costs are as minimal as they can be is going to be one of the major jobs on fleet managers hands as the nation begins to return to work. Whilst it is certainly a challenge to cut … Continue reading

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Pros and Cons of Electric Vehicles For Green Fleets

The rise of electric vehicles continues to dominate automotive headlines across the world, and there is good reason for this. Offering an environmentally friendly alternative to other more conventional forms of fuel, electric vehicles are most certainly the future of … Continue reading

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Tackling Driver Stress during the COVID-19 Pandemic and Beyond

The COVID-19 pandemic is a stressful time for people around the world; with plenty of uncertainty still surrounding the disease, there’s no surprise that people are struggling to adapt. As a fleet manager, it’s essential that you do what you … Continue reading

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Fuel Costs: Are You Doing Enough?

Is your business doing enough to reduce its fuel costs? With many companies failing to put processes in place to reduce the amount of money that they are spending on their fuel, it’s not surprising that this expenditure could be … Continue reading

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