How Great Fleet Management Leads to Improved Fuel Management

Starting the year with the goal of reducing your business expenses is a popular trend, especially in sectors where those costs are difficult to change, such as commercial fleets. Fuel management is the most time-consuming area of a fleet’s expenses, … Continue reading

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Make Bunded Fuel Tank Maintenance Your Priority for Fuel Efficiency

There are many assets to manage when operating a commercial fleet, but monitoring your fuel efficiency should be the highest priority to guarantee smooth operations and reduced costs. Tracking your fleet fuel use covers every aspect of your operations, but … Continue reading

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Case Study: Fuel Management Solutions for GRS Roadstone LTD

The Client GRS Roadstone Limited are the UK’s leading independent supply-chain partner for businesses that need reliable sourcing, handling and transportation solutions. Their teams work with construction materials, from low-carbon recycled aggregates and decorative landscaping products to high-volume bulk aggregates … Continue reading

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Onsite HVO Storage In Response to the HGV Rise

In the last quarter of 2023 in the UK, we observed a high demand for HGVs across the entire economy. The national market’s demand for HGVs finally returned to pre-pandemic levels as the number of articulated lorries grew by 23.3% … Continue reading

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A Comprehensive Guide to Counter Fuel Theft for Fleets

Typical targets for fuel thieves are the open spaces for commercial vehicles, construction sites, and farmland. A shocking number of fuel thefts happen to commercial fleets, burdening managers with substantial financial deficits. As part of our range of fuel storage … Continue reading

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2024 Fuel Price Predictions for Commercial Fleets

As we transitioned from 2022 to 2023, numerous changes disrupted fuel prices nationwide. Fuel duty rates altered, and crude oil costs fluctuated. Fleet managers had to adapt, strategise, and modify their operations to optimise their fuel expenses despite these external … Continue reading

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How Fuel Monitoring Transforms Your Fleet Forever

Commercial vehicle refuelling costs are a critical area to address when managing a fleet of vehicles, especially when the price of purchasing this essential resource changes often and significantly. Fuel monitoring doesn’t solely involve tracking and managing the usage and … Continue reading

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Understanding HMRC’s Latest Responses on Motoring Expenses

Due to our deep connection to the commercial fleet sector, we keep a close eye on all matters that would impact it, from changes in fuel prices to new advice on fleet management and government guidance. One incident that caught … Continue reading

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Fleet Operation Optimisation in Winter

The HGV industry confronts considerable obstacles during winter, including severe weather and heightened activity that increases accident risks daily. Being obliged to operate on public roads, HGV drivers encounter many drivers grappling with winter’s harsh conditions. Consequently, there’s a staggering … Continue reading

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Real-Life Examples of Fuel Management Success

Investing in on-site fuel management greatly benefits businesses; however, understanding its full impact may prove challenging. By examining real-life cases, you will gain insight into the direct advantages. Here are two success stories exemplifying the rewards of investing in fuel … Continue reading

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Unlocking the Potential of AdBlue and HVO for Commercial Fleets in the New Year

Embracing an eco-conscious business attitude is no longer optional; it’s a necessity. As we look towards next year and beyond, AdBlue and HVO are transforming the efficiency and environmental footprint of any commercial fleet operations. Accepting these alternative fuel options, … Continue reading

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Future-Proofing Your Fleet’s Fuel Management

With the rapid evolution of industry regulations and standards, future-proofing your fleet’s fuel management is more critical than ever. Fuel efficiency is vital in maintaining competitiveness in the commercial fleet sector, but as the sector evolves, more methods of optimising … Continue reading

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The Role of New Nozzle Data Tags in Fuel Dispensing Security

Local fuel operations have always been essential for commercial businesses that run a fleet of vehicles. However, traditional security and monitoring methods of fuel dispensing have often been plagued by inaccurate data and transaction inefficiencies that hide fraudulent activities. To … Continue reading

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Success Stories of Fuel Management Solutions at Fueltek

As one of the UK’s leading providers of onsite fuel systems, we have earned a reputation for delivering reliable, efficient solutions that meet the needs of businesses across a broad range of sectors. Our team is proud of the positive … Continue reading

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What Do Businesses Need to Eliminate Fuel Theft

Most fleet managers already know the benefits of onsite fuel storage for fuel efficiency but may be unaware of how vulnerable this essential resource is to theft? Fuel theft is the most significant challenge for commercial fleets, impacting revenue and … Continue reading

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Maximising Fuel Management Efficiency Through Data-Driven Solutions

For fleet managers aiming to assess the costs of fuel usage accurately, real-time monitoring using wireless software is an indispensable tool. Various technologies enable managers to track a wealth of vital data that, when analysed, will reveal the true state … Continue reading

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Fuel Management for Peak Season Fulfilment and Logistics

As the holiday season approaches, commercial fleets must prepare for the winter rush that requires increased demands and logistical challenges. It’s the busiest time of year for most commercial businesses, and they all rely on fleets of vehicles to reliably … Continue reading

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The Benefits of Using HVO as a Renewable Diesel Fuel for Commercial Fleets

In today’s environmentally conscious world, vehicle-focused businesses are increasingly seeking sustainable solutions to reduce their carbon footprint, optimise fuel usage, and comply with changing NetZero 2050 requirements. One popular solution is to invest in environmentally friendly alternative fuels such as … Continue reading

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How Onsite Fuel Storage and Dispensing Improved Response Times

Any business that manages a selection of vehicle assets will benefit from this investment, including commercial fleets and trades, but few companies benefit more than ones that conduct rapid response such as repair and emergency services. Read on to learn … Continue reading

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The Role of Fuel Additives in Improving Diesel Fuel Performance and Longevity

In the commercial transport and haulage sector, the performance and longevity of diesel fuel affect everything from the performance of tasks and business expenses. Efficient fuel consumption makes a substantial difference to the bottom line of any operation while ensuring … Continue reading

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