Bunded Fuel Tanks

Fueltek FS bunded fuel tanks are a secure, safe and cost-effective way of storing fuel onsite. The Fueltek FS bunded fuel tank is manufactured according to a rectangular shape in the most popular sizes (Litres or Gallons), although we can manufacture steel bunded tanks to almost any size or shape if required.

Bunded Fuel Storage Tank Packages

Fueltek also offer a combined diesel fuel management system / fuel pump that is very good value for money. If you are considering replacing a pump, cost savings are made by integrating both products into a single package.

Stand-alone fuel dispensers are also available that can connect to either Fueltek-made or other manufacturers’ fuel systems. The range offers single or double (twin) dispensers with combinations for AdBlue and diesel / gas oil and diesel.

Over the years, we have rapidly gained industry experience that has not only allowed us to broaden our services, but that has also helped us develop the products that our clients need and can benefit the most from. Whether you want a single fuel pump, steel bunded diesel tanks or a complete network of fuel management systems, we will go the extra mile to meet your requests.

We place emphasis on product specification and delivering just the right bunded diesel tanks, all of which demonstrate a unique combination of reliability, suitability and affordability.


Custom Manufacturing of Bunded Fuel Tanks

The Fueltek FS bunded fuel tank can be made to any size or shape.

The Fueltek FS can be supplied in any colour or configuration; storage space can be partitioned to allow both diesel and gas oil to be stored in the same unit. Various dispensing methods are available, from cheap and cheerful options up to top quality pumps with air separation and forecourt accuracy. Steel bunded diesel tank contents can be measured cost-effectively via our Tankwatch fuel tank monitoring system, which is an integrated contents gauge, bund leak and overfill alarm. The Tankwatch system can be interfaced with the Fueltek fuel management system. If you combine the equipment, you can expect to manage your stocks (real time) both in and out of the tank effectively at a cost that was previously unattainable with comparable equipment.

The Fueltek FS bunded or double bunded fuel tank can be supplied in your company colours at no extra cost. Fueltek will co-ordinate the complete installation.

Specification: High Quality Bunded Diesel Tanks

The Fueltek FS is manufactured to the highest of standards, and our bulk fuel tanks are no exception. The construction is of high-grade mild steel. Totally enclosed and fully bonded, the inner tank provides for fuel storage whilst the outer tank forms a watertight enclosed bund with a capacity of 110% of the inner tank contents.

All of our bunded fuel storage tanks conform to BS799, BS2594/prEN12285 and BS2654, and exceed recommendations made in the control of pollution regulations (oil storage) (England) 2001.

Fueltek bunded fuel tanks can be supplied with various options including Security Cabinets, Tank Contents Gauges, Fuel Pumps and Fuel Management systems. If you have a preference, please ask.

Options Available from Fueltek

Here at Fueltek, you can take advantage of a variety of options to choose from. Our professional team are dedicated to ensuring that we provide a comprehensive service and range of bunded fuel tanks and other ancillaries that are ideal for your own individual requirements.

Bunded Fuel Storage Tanks

Our bunded tanks are made with mild steel construction. Are available in corporate colours on request. Choose from a standard or full-end cabinet with a roller-shutter door.

Tank Contents Gauges

Tankwatch Tank Monitoring Gauge will allow for a visual representation of your fuel, Tankwatch accurately displays the contents of your fuel tank. Tankwatch can also act as an interface to an existing tank gauge if required. With the incorporation of a tank gauge, you will be able to effectively manage your fleet’s fuel usage.

Fuel Dispensers

A range of pump types and speeds are available to enhance the efficiency of your fuel dispensing. Used to pump your fuel into your fleet, our dispensers are specifically designed to maximise the efficiency of the transfer of fuel from your bunded fuel tank to your vehicles.

Fuel Management Systems

A range of Fueltek fuel management systems are available to suit any organisation. Our state-of-the-art Tankwatch system allows a unique way to monitor your fuel and efficiently manage it.

Bunded Fuel Tank Sizes

Fueltek can make tanks in any shape or size required. The following list is a guideline of capacity and sizes of fuel tanks that are available as standard. No additional costs are incurred for non-standard sizes: prices are worked out on capacity only.

Tank Sizes

No matter what size of tank you’re looking for, Fueltek provides custom fuel tanks with a wide array of capacities ranging from 1000 litres through to 200,000 litres. Whether you have a small or large fleet and are looking for efficient fuel management solutions, you can rest assured that you will find a comprehensive package with us. In the table below, you will find our complete list of bunded fuel tanks consisting of various capacities and dimensions.

Capacity Dimensions Steel Thickness
1000 ltrs 1.25M L X 1.25M W X 1M H (3mm)
1500 ltrs 1.5M L X 1,25M W X 1.25M H (3mm)
2000 ltrs 1.9M L X 1.25M W X 1.25M H (3mm)
2500 ltrs 1.9 M L X 1.5M W X 1.25M H (3mm)
3000 ltrs 1.9M L X 1.525M W X 1.525M H (3mm)
3500 ltrs 1.85M L X 1.83M W X 1.525M H (3mm)
4000 ltrs 2.45M L X 1.525M W X 1.525M H (3mm)
4500 ltrs 2.8 M L X 1.525M W X 1.525M H (3mm)
5000 ltrs 3.05M L X 1.525M W X 1.525M H (3mm)
7000 ltrs 3.45M L X 1.83M W X 1.525M H (3mm)
8000 ltrs 3.9M L X 1.83M W X 1.525 H (3mm)
10,000 ltrs 3.45M L X 2M W X 2M H (3mm)
12,000 ltrs 3.7M L X 2M W X 2M H (3mm)
15,000 ltrs 3.25M L X 2.5M W X 2.5 M H (4mm)
18,000 ltrs 3.6M L X 2.5M W X 2.5 M H (5mm)
20,000 ltrs 3.95M L X 2.5M W X 2.5 M H (5mm)
25,000 ltrs 3.45M L X 3M W X 3.050 H (6mm)
30,000 ltrs 4.05M L X 3M W X 3.050 H (6mm)
35,000 ltrs 4.7M L X 3M W X 3.050 H (6mm)
40,000 ltrs 5.3M L X 3M W X 3.050 H (6mm)
45,000 ltrs 5.9M L X 3M W X 3.050 H (6mm)
50,000 ltrs 6.55M L X 3M W X 3.050 H (6mm)
55,000 ltrs 7.15M L X 3M W X 3.050 H (6mm)
60,000 ltrs 7.75M L X 3M W X 3.050 H (6mm)
65,000 ltrs 8.4M L X 3M W X 3.050 H (6mm)
70,000 ltrs 9M L X 3M W X 3.050 H (6mm)
75,000 ltrs 9.6M L X 3M W X 3.050 H (6mm)
80,000 ltrs 9.4M L X 3.355M W X 3.050 H (6mm)
90,000 ltrs 9.5M L X 3.66M W X 3.050 H (6mm)
100,000 ltrs 10.5M L X 3.66M W X 3.050 H (6mm)
110,000 ltrs 10.5M L X 3.355M W X 3.66 H (6mm)
120,000 ltrs 10.5M L X 3.66W X 3.66 H (6mm)
130,000 ltrs 11.5M L X 3.66W X 3.66 H (6mm)

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