What Do Fueltek Offer?

Here at Fueltek, we offer a complete fuel management package based on your needs. We will take care of the design, installation and implementation of your new fuel management system, so you can effectively track your fleet’s fuel usage.

We can also provide products separately if required. For example, if you’re just looking to update your diesel fuel pumps or fuel storage tank, we can also provide these to your business.

How Does Fuel Management Work?

In its most simple form, fuel management works in 4 key steps:

  • Installation of system at depot.
  • Fill up fleet vehicles using monitored pumps.
  • Track fuel throughputs and wastage with online reporting from Fueltek FMO.
  • Use the data gathered to reduce wastage and prevent fuel theft from within your fleet.
What Are The Benefits Of Fuel Management?

There are a large number of benefits from using a fuel monitoring system as part of your fleet operations. Some of the most important include:

  • Fuel theft prevention from internal and external sources.
  • Track throughputs to see how much fuel is being used by specific vehicles and drivers.
  • Reduce fuel wastage by checking reports and identifying any training requirements or underperforming vehicles.
  • Save money & time on manually tracking throughputs. Over the years, you will stand to save a significant amount of money on fuel.
Why Choose Fueltek?

Fueltek is the premier fuel management solutions provider in the UK. We can provide your business with a full fuel management system, all designed and installed by our vastly experienced staff.

We only use high-quality products to ensure customer satisfaction and have a large number of customer case studies and testimonials across a range of industries to showcase our expertise.

Upon completion of your solution, we pride ourselves on providing excellent customer support and aftercare to guarantee you’re happy with your fuel management solution for years to come.

Can You Provide A Solution For Other Fuels, e.g. Electric?

Fueltek are first and foremost a fuel management company. Whatever fuel you use now or in the future, Fueltek will have a system and software to help you manage it efficiently.

Electricity is likely to form a greater part of the re-fuelling landscape in years to come. For many years Fueltek have monitored electric vehicles as all airports use baggage handling vehicles that are basically electric vehicles that need charging, some fork lift trucks use battery power to generate electricity.

Fueltek have monitored and managed, water usage, CNG, LPG, Bio Fuels etc. If it has a value and requires monitoring a Fueltek fuel monitoring system will help you achieve that objective.

What Is The Process Of Having Fuel Management Systems Installed?

The most important part of the process is understanding our customers’ needs. Once we have the information we require, we can then begin actioning the full process of creating and installing your very own tailored fuel management solution.

  • Satisfy your requirements by specifying the correct equipment.
  • Undertake a site visit to verify specifications and troubleshoot issues.
  • Prepare for installation
    • producing the specified equipment in our factory
    • establishing a unique version of Fueltek FMO web hosted browser-based management and reporting software,
    • set up all company specific details and privileges.
  • Install hardware and establish communications from hardware to our web servers.
  • Commission and provide instruction on use at site level.
  • Upload data captured at the hardware to Fueltek web servers.
  • Provide training in use of software to enable the customer to get the best possible information from the system.
  • Provide quality on-going support to enable the customer to gain confidence and trust in the system.
What Is The Timescale From Enquiry to Installation?

Small Projects – 2-3 weeks

Complete Fuel Management Package – 12 -14 weeks

Do You Have Any Previous Examples of Work?
We are proud to have worked with a number of fantastic companies across the UK, all from a variety of sectors. Please feel free to view our extensive range of case studies to find out more about the work we have carried out for clients. We also have several client testimonials and pictures of works completed included in our case studies, so you can get a real feel for the high-quality work we carry out on a regular basis.