Diesel Fuel Pumps

Fueltek Diesel Pumps/Fuel Dispensers

The same diesel pump/dispenser that we use in our integrated commercial fuel pump/fuel management systems is available in a pump-only configuration, and can be installed as stand-alone diesel pumps or connected to any type of fuel tank monitoring system (not just to a device of Fueltek origin).

Diesel Pumps Designed & Manufactured by Fueltek

Fueltek both design and manufacture a range of quality diesel fuel pumps to complement our broad product range. Fueltek diesel pumps are available in 50, 70, 90 and 150 litres per minute (lpm) options, and they are supplied with pulsed output to enable easy connection to a fuel management system.

Fueltek Fuel Pumps are Designed to Dispense Diesel, Gas, Oil or Adblue

Fueltek’s diesel pumps are manufactured in high quality stainless steel with lockable front doors, make use of a ¼ VGA display and are designed to operate in the toughest of environments. Fueltek diesel fuel pumps can be supplied in many different speed configurations, and are brought to you complete with the appropriate hose and nozzle, some of which measure up to 4 metres in length. We also provide the option of a true twin pump if you require one. Regardless, all of our diesel pumps have undergone extensive testing and are manufactured in an ISO 9001:2015 quality environment and to ATEX Standard EN13617-1- CERT No. 16ATEX9082X

Why You Should Choose Fueltek Diesel Fuel Pumps:

  • Fueltek commercial fuel pumps can be specified as either pumping units or solenoid controlled dispensers.
  • Fueltek diesel fuel pumps are designed to be hardworking and will provide many years of useful service.
  • Fueltek diesel fuel pumps come equipped with a 12-month parts warranty, and our policy to upgrade rather than replace means that you can rest assured of first class customer service.

Over the years, we’ve worked with a wide range of the UK’s most well-known organisations, and our credentials are as high as they come, with our experts regularly providing custom-built fuel tanks and diesel fuel pumps to meet even the most exacting requirements. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us using the form to your right, visit our contact page or call 01254 291391 today.