Fuel Management Systems

Fueltek are the premier fuel management software company in the UK

At Fueltek, we are specialists in commercial vehicle refuelling, and have many years of experience in the areas of fuel management systems, content fuel monitoring and fuel tank monitoring systems, diesel fuel pumps and fuel storage tanks, supported by our fuel management software.

Fuel and its correct usage represent a considerable overhead to any commercial transport or haulage organisation, with many businesses in need of reliable fuel management systems to monitor their consumption effectively. The efficient management of this valuable asset is critical to profitability; even a small percentage saving can make a significant difference to your business.

Why Choose Fueltek Fuel Management Systems & Software?


As RHA and APEA members, Fueltek have a proven reputation when it comes to designing and developing high quality fuel management software tools and bunded fuel tanks that have helped many businesses identify cost savings and implement best practices. As industry leaders, our methods are modern (like our AdBlue pumps) and use sophisticated technology, so you can be sure our fuel management systems and fuel management software will help you to plan, cut costs, improve efficiency and achieve better value from your fuel stocks.

All systems designed by Fueltek are manufactured to the highest standards with the objective of being able to continually operate in harsh environments.

Can I access my fuel management software data online?

All data can be accessed easily through our online fuel management platform, Fuel Manager Online (FMO). When used together with any of our Fuel Access Control Terminals (FACTS), the web-based program can be used on any PC or other internet enabled device by anyone with the correct login and password details.

How can fuel management save money?

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It is vital that transport operators have the correct diagnostic tools and telematics to enable them to make the necessary cost savings. Accurate, real-time information allows you to identify the areas in which savings can be made and waste reduced. Your business probably spends large amounts of money on fuel; by using Fueltek fuel management systems, you can increase overall efficiencies and save money.

Automating fuel management eliminates human error, leading to better, more informed, data-led decision-making and a general improvement in the overall performance of vehicles and in driver behaviour.

What tools do we use to monitor and manage fuel consumption?

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Fueltek design, develop, manufacture, install and service a range of fuel management systems, fuel pumps, fuel storage tanks and other ancillaries to help you optimise fuel efficiency.

To complement our range of purpose-built fuel management systems, we have also developed various other interfaces for our systems; such as the monitoring and gauging of fuel tank contents and interfaces to many on-board computing systems to enable automatic capture of mileage and MPG readings at the point of fuelling.