AdBlue Pumps & Tanks

Here at Fueltek, we manufacture and install AdBlue storage tanks, pumps and fuel monitoring systems which can keep track of your solution usage.

Why Adopt AdBlue Solutions?

AdBlue is a relatively new, low-cost product that is helping to reduce the overall carbon footprint of the transport industry. AdBlue constitutes a non-toxic liquid, which is colourless and is made up of water and urea (often referred to as carbamide, and is an organic substance). AdBlue liquid is injected into a catalyst in the vehicles exhaust system before any harmful liquids such as nitrogen oxide can come out of the tail pipe.

This technology is used in the transport industry, particularly heavy lorries and buses for years now, its effectiveness has been proven and its reliability is better than ever.

What Are the Benefits of Adblue?

The major benefit of using AdBlue in your diesel vehicle is that it reduces the emissions of mono-nitrogen oxide, which will reduce the negative impact your business may have on the environment. This can lead to you gaining accreditations, or helping you to gain certain aspects to get awards and recognitions, such as the FORS accreditation.

Not only does Adblue help to improve our environment, it is classified in the safe minimum risk category for fluids in the UK, is non-flammable (therefore safer) and inexpensive. The use of AdBlue was also brought into EU legislation to help reduce the contribution of commercial vehicle emissions towards climate change.

AdBlue Pumps

Fueltek provide a wide range of AdBlue solutions including high quality AdBlue pumps, such as FT4000AB. Here at Fueltek we have a range of AdBlue pump solutions to meet the needs and demands of your fleet of vehicles.

Here at Fueltek, AdBlue pumps such as the FT4000AB, come with a 12-month part warranty and operate at a standard speed of 35 litres per minute. The FT4000AB is the perfect solution for accurate dispensing and monitoring of your AdBlue tanks. The FT4000AB is available in a number of configurations and can be specified as a pump or dispenser only, which has the ability to connect to any fuel management system through an in-built pulsed output, or as combination/Integrated AdBlue pump /AdBlue monitoring system. Interestingly, the monitoring system (even when integrated with the AdBlue pump) can control and monitor 3 other external fuel pumps of any product type.

Get in touch with a member of our team to discuss AdBlue pump requirements further, we will be happy to help.

AdBlue Storage Tanks 

At Fueltek we also offer high-quality AdBlue storage tanks and monitoring solutions that are ideal for use in the commercial transport sector. Fueltek can offer bunded fuel tanks for storing AdBlue; these tanks can be compartmentalised to store diesel and AdBlue, and fitted with a Twin FT4000 dispensing diesel and AdBlue.

As government targets to reduce emissions escalate, more vehicles are being made or adapted for AdBlue use. This means AdBlue use will increase across fleets, and more transport companies will need to effectively store and dispense AdBlue. For more information about AdBlue storage tanks, please get in touch with one of our AdBlue experts, who will be happy to help.

An AdBlue Pump

How Do AdBlue Solutions Work?

AdBlue is a non-toxic, colourless substance that is intended to work alongside a recently developed technology called Selective Catalytic Reduction. AdBlue’s injection into a vehicle’s exhaust occurs before harmful substances like nitrogen oxide are expelled from the exhaust. Once the AdBlue is injected, the exhaust emissions will consist only of Nitrogen and water vapour: natural gases that pose no environmental risk.

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