Fuel Storage Tanks

The Fueltek FS fuel storage tanks are a secure, safe and cost-effective way of storing fuel onsite. The Fueltek FS fuel storage tank is manufactured to a rectangular shape in most popular sizes (Litres or Gallons), although we can manufacture to almost any size or shape if required.

If you are considering storing fuel on-site, or need a diesel dispensing tank, then look no further than us at Fueltek. We have many years’ experience in providing the right custom fuel tanks at the right price, specified with the correct equipment for your needs.

All of our fuel storage solutions for fuel conform to BS799, BS2594/prEN12285 and BS2654 standards, and exceed recommendations made in the control of pollution regulations. All Fueltek FS fuel tanks are provided with a 20-year manufacturer’s guarantee.

Fueltek FS fuel storage tanks can be supplied in several configurations to suit your requirements

Our FS fuel solutions can be supplied as just a tank to connect to your existing fuel pumps and fuelling set-up or can be supplied fully specified complete with fuel pumpsfuel management system, tank contents gauges, bund leak & overfill alarms (TankWatch) etc as a complete package.

Fuel Storage Tanks in Any Size or Shape

The Fueltek FS can be made to any size or shape. Our custom fuel storage tanks and diesel dispensing tanks can be supplied in any colour or configuration, storage space can be partitioned to allow multiple products to be stored in the same unit.

Highly Secure, Safe & Reliable Dispensing Tanks

Several dispensing methods are available from the cheap and cheerful options up to good quality pumps with air separation and forecourt accuracy. Tank contents can be measured cost effectively utilising our TankWatch, which is an integrated contents gauge, bund leak and overfill alarm. The TankWatch fuel tank monitoring system can be interfaced with our own management systems; if you combine the equipment you can expect to manage your stocks (in real time) both in and out of the tank effectively at a cost previously unattainable with comparable equipment.

Each of our Fueltek fuel storage tanks displays a unique blend of workmanship, safety, security and robust features; which explains why many companies already use our storage tanks. Each tank consists of an inner tank that is bunded by an outer tank for safety. The outer tank purposely has a capacity of 110% of the inner tank to prevent any spillage or leaks in the case of any damage to the watertight inner tank. All of the tanks are manufactured using the correct gauge, high-grade steel that has outstanding durability and robustness, ruling out the likelihood of potential damage to the tank.

Custom Fuel Tanks for Commercial Purposes

Typically, our fuel storage and dispensing tanks and units are designed in rectangular shapes with capacity measurements being the standard Litre or Gallon. However, due to our expertise and resources, we can provide custom fuel tanks that are designed according to each customer’s specific requirements. Our highly knowledgeable team of engineers can take your needs and budget into consideration to design a fully comprehensive tank that will offer you the best fuel storage solutions.

You can order your Fueltek FS fuel dispensing tanks along with fuel management systems and fuel dispensers to tackle all your onsite fuelling needs at once. Other additional complementary components include TankWatch, which is a tank management system comprising of capacity information probe, overfill alarm probe, bund leak alarm probe, and water detection. TankWatch will also provide alerts if unusual stock movements are detected, and alert if deliveries are received. TankWatch also talks directly to Fueltek FMO fuel management software.

Find Out More About Fuel Storage Tanks at Fueltek

Fueltek is your first port of call for safe and reliable fuel storage tanks. Able to accommodate a variety of commercial uses and a variety of capacities available, our dispensing tanks are capable of holding heating oil, AdBlue and Diesel. With a wide range of options to choose from, whether you need a storage tank for basic or advanced purposes, we guarantee to meet your requirements whatever they may be.

For more information regarding our fuel storage tanks or bunded fuel tanks, or if you would like to enquire for a quote, get in touch with us today. Call Fueltek on 01254 291 391 or send an email to sales@fueltek.co.uk. Alternatively, you can take advantage of filling out and submitting our online contact form.