Industries and Sectors We Work With

At Fueltek, we design, install and maintain efficient fuel management systems for various industries across the UK. Our complete fuel management packages suit a range of sectors, and they guarantee smooth operations and optimised performance for your fleet. Regardless of your business’s location, focus and assets, if you are managing a fleet of vehicles, then we have what you need to decrease your fuel expenses.

Logistics and Supply Chain Sector:

When time is of the essence, our fuel systems make sure that your fleet remains fuelled and operational to maximise efficiency.

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Food and Pharmaceutical Delivery Sector:

Reliable transportation is essential for the delivery of perishable goods. Our solutions guarantee you’ll have the fuel you need for efficient deliveries that will maintain the integrity of your cargo from A to B.

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E-commerce Couriers Sector:

With the exponential growth of e-commerce, large fleets will need fuel for repeat delivery services. We provide the tools needed to keep your delivery fleet running smoothly, meeting the demands of the online marketplace.

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Emergency Services:

With our onsite fuel storage and dispensing, we guarantee that your emergency response vehicles are fuelled and ready to act at any time, so you will continue helping to save lives and protect communities without disruption.

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Mechanics and Machine Repair Services:

From heavy machinery to service vehicles, mechanics rely on our fuel monitoring products to keep operations running fuel efficiently. Our options streamline management for repair shops and improve long-term expenses.

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Trades and Farming Sector:

Whether you’re in agriculture or a skilled trade, efficient fuel management is essential for keeping operations running smoothly. Our tailored solutions cater to tradespeople and farmers, helping to minimise fuel costs and maximise productivity.

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Rail and Transportation Industry:

Fuel is essential for powering diesel locomotives, and our rail-specific solutions provide the onsite fuel storage and dispensing needed to keep your goods and passengers moving smoothly along the tracks.

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Construction Vehicle Rental Service:

Construction projects rely on a steady supply of fuel to keep equipment running and projects on schedule. Our comprehensive products provide construction companies with the tools they need to supply and monitor fuel usage on their rented vehicles, as well as provide an excellent service for your customers.

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Why Choose Fueltek?

As fuel management specialists, Fueltek aids all-sized businesses in delivering reliable and precise fuel usage results for later analysis. Our proficiency with monitoring solutions spans the entire range of fuel systems, such as:

Fueltek is committed to powering industries across the spectrum. Explore our catalogue of case studies to see how successful our services have been and the broad range of businesses and services that we have helped reduce their fuel expenses permanently.

Contact us today to learn more about how our fuel management solutions can benefit your business.