Are These Fuel Management Problems Costing you Money?

There are several issues that might be causing your money loss regarding fuel costs, and it’s possible you haven’t noticed that one or more are problematic for your business. If you have a fleet of multiple vehicles, it can be harder to keep track of individual information and expenses, but it might be the change you need to save money.

Not Collecting Fuel Data

If you’re not sure of the amount you’re spending on fuel per vehicle in your fleet, and per week or month, then you need to start collecting data. Expenses have a way of adding up unsuspected, especially if they aren’t written down.

A good way of knowing how much fuel your fleet vehicles are spending is to collect individual data every time an employee fills the tank with fuel. After all, if you don’t collect the data, then you can’t know how much money you’re spending and won’t know how to lower and control costs.

Entering Receipts Manually

You might keep your fuel data up to date, but if your employees are doing it manually by keeping track of receipts, and then having the accountants enter them one by one, it can bring great costs. It’s a big, time-consuming process that can be affected by human error. An employee might miscount an amount, charging more or less than what should have been charged. It might mean an unexpected cost you might not be able to afford, so going digital is a much less risky option.

Fueltek FMO is web hosted, browser based management and reporting software that is complemented with a Fueltek Fuel Access Control Terminal (FACT), that allows controlled and authorised access to your fuel, and it’s ideal for a large scale fleet and management control, and information is easily accessible from any online device. All you need is a Login ID and a User Password to access Fueltek FMO.


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