Could Revamped Lorry Designs Save Lives?

Removing the ‘Blind Spot’

The Guardian relates how a brand new type of truck design could be instrumental when it comes to saving the lives of cyclists, and the basic premise of the design revolves around the overhauling of the infamous ‘blind spot’. To achieve this end, the new style trucks would have a longer cab and a specially rounded front end, but also a reduced dashboard size, a lower seating position and an increased window area. Part of the problem with trucks on the road is their elevated viewpoint, as, combined with the ‘box-like’ cabs, this leaves them unable to see vast areas around their vehicles. Given that fact, these proposals could well be set to make a real difference, should they go ahead.

Addressing the Real Issues

Of course, this is hardly the first time that visibility issues have been raised concerning truck drivers. Around 1,000 people die in European road accidents on an annual basis, and so previous attempts to improve the situation have been focused upon the mirrors on the lorry cabs. A sound tactic, you may think, but the analysis in the aforementioned article makes it clear that mirrors alone can’t assuage the problem completely. It’s absolutely essential that the blind spot is reduced as much as possible, and to do that, the shape of truck cabs needs to change. It’s obviously a bigger step than simply refining the design of mirrors, but if it ultimately works, it’ll be well worth the extra effort.

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