Examples of Fuel Management Improving Industrial Fleet Businesses

Our expertise in local fuel storage, dispensing, and management has been implemented across many businesses throughout the UK and has significantly improved the fuel efficiency of their operations. Industrial fleets are the most in need of efficient fuel systems as their work invariably involves fleets of vehicles conducting vital work in varied locations.

Our team is proud of the positive impact our systems have had on our client’s fuel plans, and we are certain it’s a testament to the expertise of our teams and the quality of the products we use. Read on to see how our fuel systems have lowered fuel expenses for machine plant hire and industrial supply chains.

T&M Bowser Solutions

T&M Bowser Solutions creates a custom-built fleet of storage and dispensing vehicles (otherwise known as bowsers) designed to provide needed fuel or water at maintenance and construction sites across the country. This includes welfare support, dust suppression, fuel storage and fuelling along with various other water solutions.

With decades of experience in creating custom-built bowsers, T&M Bowser Solutions approached us to solve challenges with their fuel management and assist with their goal of reducing fuel expenses in the long term.

The area of their work relevant to ours is their work providing onsite refuelling services for plant vehicles operated by the UK’s largest road builders, Skanska and Balfour Beatty, and we were excited to find a way to provide them with their own improved onsite refuelling infrastructure for their bowser vehicles.

The Challenge: Inaccurate Fuel Accounting and Invoicing

T&M Bowser Solutions faced difficulties in accounting for and invoicing fuel used in their operations. Clients often questioned costs due to issues like fuel theft or other misappropriation of fuel. They needed a robust, reliable fuel monitoring and reporting system that could be fitted to mobile bowsers to ensure security and transparency.

The Solution: FT4000 and Datanozzle Systems

After thorough discussions with T&M Bowser Solutions, our team supplied an initial batch of our FT4000 systems. The previous system used a handheld fuel tag, which was labour-intensive as it required manual entries at each fueling, so our team was confident in the improvements that our wireless computer fuel infrastructure would provide.

In response to subsequent feedback, our engineers decided to include our Datanozzle system. This system is compatible with any FT4000 system and contains a proximity-based security tag mounted on the fueling nozzle. This innovative device automatically identifies the vehicle with a corresponding security device and activates the fuel pump when near an authorised vehicle’s fuel tank, preventing unauthorised fuel usage.

The Results: Streamlined Fuel Management and Enhanced Security

The Datanozzle system combined with the diesel pumps eliminated the need for manual entries for the client and made the resulting data more accurate for their managers and more secure against misappropriation. This, in turn, lowers questionable events and provides them with the data they need to address client queries confidently.

GRS Roadstone Limited

GRS Roadstone Limited is the UK’s leading independent supply-chain partner for businesses requiring reliable sourcing, handling, and transportation solutions. With 13 sites across the nation, GRS transports an estimated 20 million tonnes of materials annually, which means they need an efficient commercial fuel pump system to maintain sustainable fuel expenses.

The Challenge: Reliable and Secure Onsite Fuel Storage

GRS needed reliable, secure, and safe onsite fuel storage to minimise fuel costs and ensure fuel availability when needed. They required a selection of 30 KL fuel tanks equipped with every possible safeguard, security, and monitoring tool option for eight sites, along with additional smaller volume tanks to replace existing ones.

Solution: Nationwide Onsite Fuel Management Infrastructure

After in-depth discussions with GRS, we agreed on the following fuel management solutions:

Our teams were dispatched across the UK to install the necessary equipment and initiate GRS’s new era of onsite fuel efficiency.

Results: Comprehensive Improvement of Fuel Storage and Usage

Our engineers’ expert work met every requirement set by GRS Roadstone LTD, enhancing their daily operations by replacing outdated diesel fuel tanks and implementing advanced fuel monitoring systems across all their sites. Despite the project’s scale and geographical challenges, our team’s dedication ensured the successful installation of effective fuel management systems.

Reliable Fuel Management Solutions from Fueltek

We have decades of experience providing effective fuel management systems for various businesses across the UK. From small commercial fleets to large industrial plant operations, we at Fueltek have the knowledge and tools to improve your current system and reduce your fuel expenses permanently.

Browse other success stories in our case studies, or if you would like to find out more about how we will help your business, contact us online. We look forward to discussing what you need today.