Case Study: Fuel Management Solutions for GRS Roadstone LTD

The Client GRS Roadstone Limited are the UK’s leading independent supply-chain partner for businesses that need reliable sourcing, handling and transportation solutions. Their teams work with construction materials, from low-carbon recycled aggregates and decorative landscaping products to high-volume bulk aggregates for some of the country’s biggest construction projects.

With the strategic placement of 13 sites across the nation, this impressive company caters to the diverse needs of its client base nationwide.

With a large team of over 800 people transporting an estimated 20 million tonnes of materials annually, GRS needs reliable, secure, and safe onsite fuel storage to guarantee that fuel costs are reduced to their lowest levels and that fuel is available when they need it.

Project Brief

GRS contacted us in the summer of 2022 to discuss how our fuel management systems would benefit their operations. The task involved sourcing a selection of 30 KL fuel tanks with every possible safeguard, security and monitoring tool option available for eight specific sites across the country. Additionally, they wanted additional smaller volume tanks to replace the existing tanks installed there.

This extensive project demanded detailed planning as the client required us to conduct the replacement installations efficiently to limit the impact on the business, as well as install the eight tanks in pairs to fulfil their fuel storage needs.

Fueltek Solution: Nationwide Onsite Fuel Management Infrastructure

After in-depth discussions about the client’s requests, we agreed upon the following list of fuel management solutions:

A selection of additional monitoring telematics equipment and software accompanied these products, as well as our secure fuel access methods, such as our Fueltek Datatags and DataNozzle.

Once we had designed and acquired the necessary equipment, our teams were dispatched across the UK to the various worksites to install it and get GRS started on a new future of onsite fuel efficiency.

Successful Results Across the UK

The expert work of our teams of engineers fulfilled every requirement that GRS Roadstone LTD had and has improved their daily operations not just by replacing the outdated diesel fuel tanks but also by providing high-end fuel monitoring systems across all their sites, new and old. Undaunted by the number of tanks and associated systems required for this project and the distance to travel, we stand by our team’s outstanding work in providing GRS with these effective systems.

Fuel Management Solutions Tailored to Any Size at Fueltek

This is one of the many case studies on our website that show our team’s expertise with fuel storage solutions for a broad range of businesses and sectors. The adaptability of our products has truly proven themselves effective with their nationwide implementation at GRS, and we are proud of the work we conducted for this valued client.

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