How Are Fuel Management Systems Increasing Accountability?

More and more transport businesses are investing in fuel storage tanks to enable on-site fuelling  in order to cut costs and increase the flexibility of their fuel use, these essential systems are also increasing employee accountability at the same time.

One of the main reasons that transport companies come to us, here at FuelTek is to take advantage of our efficient fuel management systems due to concerns about fuel theft or loss. No matter how big or small this loss is, it’s important to be able to investigate why it is happening.

This is where specialist fuel management systems come into their own – and ultimately increasing the accountability of all employees using the fuel should there be an unexpected loss recorded.

Reducing Losses

Investing in a fuel management system after investing in on-site  fuel storage is a great way to start the ball rolling with regards to finding the cause.

Using various monitoring features, your fuel management system will collect data from a variety of different sources; fuel, vehicle, driver and fuel dispensing data can all aid a manager pinpoint where the fuel is being lost.

Vehicle Data

Vehicle data can provide you with accurate fuel levels for any specific vehicle and will alert you to any abnormalities within the vehicle and its consumption.

Although this could indicate an issue with the vehicle itself, it will give you something else to look into and eliminate as a cause of fuel loss for your business.

User Data

As each driver will need some form of access method to the fuel, it will be easy to spot individuals who are abusing the fuel system by stealing it from your stocks.  This is because a fuel management system will monitor the amount of fuel each driver extracts from the bulk storage tank.

This can then be correlated with the vehicle data to determine if there is any suspicious activity going on where fuel is concerned.

If your staff understand that their fuel usage and dispensing is monitored, it gives them a greater sense of accountability for the fuel that they will be using. They won’t want to risk taking more fuel than is needed if they know that management will be able to see the details of fuel usage, and work out how much fuel has actually been used by their vehicles.

It’s not just the employees that are directly using the fuel system that will feel more accountable; the administrators who are charged with working out fuel invoices and company costs will also be more likely to produce more accurate reports using the specific data.

Fuel management systems are integral for the safety and cost effectiveness of any onsite fuel storage system, making it easier to pinpoint where losses are being made, and more importantly, why they are occurring.

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