How to Combat the Hidden Costs of Commercial Fleet Management

Commercial fleet management is costly, with many hidden expenses that often go unnoticed. Identifying and eliminating these costs will significantly reduce your business’s expenses and even open up finances for potential business expansion. Read on to discover the hidden problems holding your business back and how we will remove them.

Problem: Fuel Spillage

Fuel slippage is one of the main hidden costs associated with commercial fleet management. This occurs when fuel is lost during fueling due to spills, evaporation, and other factors. Fuel slippage significantly impacts a business’s bottom line, as it can result in a loss of up to 5% of fuel per year. Furthermore, the loss of fuel can cause significant environmental harm and a safety hazard to your facility.

Solution: Reliable Diesel Fuel Pumps

Our diesel fuel pumps utilise the latest technology and are engineered to deliver fuel precisely, eliminating spills and saving businesses costs in the long run. Our pumps also use a variety of features that enhance safety and reduce environmental impact. These include:

  • Automatic shut-off valves stop the pump when fuel is detected in the nozzle.
  • Environmental spill trays contain any fuel spillage.

By investing in our onsite commercial pumps, businesses can be assured of accurate fuel dispensing, eliminating wasted fuel costs and any associated environmental or safety hazards.

Problem: Stolen Fuel

Fuel theft and unauthorised fuel usage are other significant hidden costs. Fuel theft occurs when fuel is stolen from company fuel tanks, leading to additional expenses for replacement fuel. Unauthorised fuel usage, on the other hand, occurs when employees use company fuel for personal use, resulting in additional fuel expenses and increased emissions.

Solution: Secure Bunded Fuel Tanks

At Fueltek, we take asset security very seriously, and all our fuel storage tanks and pumps have several key features that deter and prevent fuel theft. The fuel storage tanks are designed to be highly secure with a sturdy double wall construction, integrated locking systems, and heavy-duty lids that prevent unauthorised personnel from accessing the fuel. Fueltek’s fuel pumps, on the other hand, conform to the current ATEX regulations and have features such as fuel dispensing locks, automatic shut-off valves, and spill trays that limit spillage.

Our fuel management systems provide an accurate record of fuel usage with real-time monitoring, so businesses can detect fuel theft by comparing the fuel usage reports with fuel deliveries. By investing in Fueltek’s products, your business will have peace of mind knowing that its fuel is being securely stored and dispensed while maintaining its security against fuel theft.

Problem: Overpaying for Fuel

Overpaying for fuel is another hidden cost that many fleet businesses face. This occurs when companies purchase fuel from non-negotiated suppliers or don’t take advantage of volume discounts, missing out on potential savings. This is a common problem for the public, who can only access fuel at forecourt prices, but businesses have better alternatives to explore.

Solution: Wholesale Fuel Purchase and Storage

Fueltek’s onsite fuel storage and dispensing solutions provide commercial fleets with a cost-effective fuel management method by circumventing ever-increasing forecourt fuel prices and expensive fuel cards.

Businesses that choose us will purchase wholesale fuel delivered directly to their onsite fuel storage tanks, ensuring fuel stocks are always available. Additionally, wholesale fuel make certain that businesses are not subject to rising fuel market prices and can take advantage of volume discounts, resulting in significant fuel cost savings.

Problem: Poor Driver Performance

Vehicle idling is another hidden cost of commercial fleet management, where engines remain running even when vehicles are not used. Idling can lead to increased fuel consumption and wear and tear on the engine, reducing the vehicle’s lifespan and increasing maintenance costs.

Solution: Wireless Fuel Monitoring

We provide wireless fuel monitoring systems that offer an innovative solution for tracking fuel consumption in commercial fleets.

By combining this fuel data with tracking analytics, businesses gain a deeper understanding of their driver’s fuel usage. They will see which staff members use excessive amounts to complete their work. Our systems provide real-time data transmission to Fuel Manager Online (FMO), a powerful software solution that enables businesses to monitor fuel usage, detect inefficiencies, and generate customised reports.

By providing businesses with the insight, they need to optimise fuel usage, our solutions are helping improve fuel efficiency to reduce the amount of fuel you need and even mitigating your fleet’s environmental impact as a result.

Solutions for Hidden Costs at Fueltek

These hidden costs can significantly increase over time, impacting a business’s bottom line. However, there are ways that businesses can effectively combat these costs. Investing in our products and services, such as:

These are all parts of our highly popular complete fuel management package and will provide an all-in-one solution that will help your business combat these hidden costs and improve their long-term costs.