Know Your Rights! Laws from Around the World

Don’t Eat and Drive

We all know not to drink and drive, however in Cyprus, the law states that you mustn’t eat and drive too. Even just drinking water whilst driving is illegal, and having a quick snack at the wheel could land you a pretty hefty fine.

Keep it Clean

For most of us, our vehicles are our pride and joy, however we can all admit to letting them get a little dirty every now and again. But be warned, not keeping your car clean in Russia or Belarus could land you in some pretty hot water, as driving a dirty car can incur a fine.

Leave the Blindfold Off

What’s perhaps most interesting about this next law is why it was even created. In the US state of Alabama, it’s illegal to drive while blindfolded… which poses the question as to why anyone would want to in the first place?

Don’t Run Out of Gas!

On Germany’s famous Autobahn, it’s illegal to stop unnecessarily. Given that it could have been avoided, running out of fuel is considered unnecessary, meaning that pulling over because you’ve run out of fuel is breaking the law. Hence, make sure to fill up your tank before tackling this route.

When driving in Germany, it’s also worth being aware that motorists may also be fined for making derogatory signs or using abusive language.

Don’t Put Your Dog on the Roof

That’s right; in the state of Alaska tethering a dog to the roof of your vehicle has (rather unsurprisingly) been declared illegal….it’s probably best not to ask.

Bring a Spare Pair of Glasses

If you’re planning a trip to Portugal or Spain and require glasses or contact lenses, then make sure to take a spare pair with you. The law in these countries dictates that drivers are required to bring an additional pair with them when driving.

Don’t Hitchhike

Many European countries such as Switzerland, Lichtenstein and Russia forbid hitchhiking.

Watch Out

When driving in Malta, it’s particularly important to keep your eyes peeled, as it’s not customary to signal when changing lanes.

BYOB (Bring Your Own Breathalyser)

You may or may not know this one already, but when driving in France you’re required to carry a self-test breathalyser.

Keep Them On

In Switzerland, the use of headlights is compulsory for all vehicles, even during the day time, and a fine can be imposed for non-compliance.

On a side note, it’s also worth bearing in mind that it’s apparently unlawful to wash your car on a Sunday in Switzerland.

Don’t Forget your Shovel

In Croatia, drivers are legally required to carry a shovel during the winter months.

Parking Perils

Spain has some rather complicated parking rules, which make multi-storey parking seem like a dream.

In some cities, cars must be parked on different sides of the road according to the day of the week. For example, when parking on a one-way street on odd days of the month, vehicles must be positioned on the side of the road where the houses have odd numbers. Whereas on even days, vehicles must be parked on the side of the road where the houses bear even numbers.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this round up of some of the more unusual and obscure driving laws from around the world.

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