About the FT4000AP TWIN

The FT4000AP TWIN is a simple yet sophisticated Integrated fuel management system / fuel pump, comprising two forecourt standard fuel pumps and a world class fuel monitoring system in the same cabinet. The FT4000AP TWIN is designed to provide complete control for commercial transport organisations dispensing fuel to authorised vehicles on-site.

The FT4000AP TWIN comprises hardware and software, the hardware is a highly specified Fuel Access Control Terminal (FACT) designed to be installed at the fuelling location. The FT4000 TWIN communicates with FUELTEK FMO Browser based software, which is accessible from any location with internet access.

The FT4000 can use any of the Fueltek access methods available.

The Fueltek FT4000AP twin pump is available in any combination of speeds or products, I.E One side diesel 90 lpm/ One side AdBlue 35 lpm, or one side gas oil 90 lpm –one side Diesel 50 lpm.


The FT4000AP TWIN is specified as a combination fuel dispenser / fuel management system. The FT4000AP TWIN is capable of controlling up to 4 fuel pumps simultaneously ( 1 internal and 3 external) in its single side specification and 8 pumps simultaneously ( 2 Internal and 6 external) in its double sided specification.

The FT4000AP TWIN can be specified as a single side unit – a double side unit and can have different access method options either side such as numeric keypad and datatag reader one side and Card reader and QWERTY style keypad on the other if required.

The FT4000AP TWIN can be specified for different product combinations or same product.

The FT4000AP TWIN is a true twin featuring two pumps / two meters and two motors, each pump can be used simultaneously.

The FT4000AP TWIN can also control other external pumps through the same integral fuel management system. The FT4000AP TWIN system incorporates a robust heavy duty keypad which enables odometer readings, driver ID’s, fleet numbers, job codes etc. to be entered at the point of fuelling. The FT4000 can be specified with keypad options including Full alpha Numeric, multiple choice alpha numeric ( old style text messaging) or simply numeric.

The FT4000AP system incorporates a highly visible ¼ VGA back- lit graphics display which displays clear concise messages, to complete the user interface we use our extremely reliable Datatag reader or one of the other options available including Datadisk, Datacard or Magnetic Stripe card.

The FT4000AP TWIN incorporates vehicle / driver messaging. A message can be programmed at FUELTEK FMO  and can be sent to the FACT. The next time the relevant Datatag is used at the FACT a message will be displayed.  The  FT4000 system  has  the  capability  to provide  unlimited  storage  capacity  for  look  up  tables,  fleet  lists  and  transaction  storage,  the  system  offers  a  minimum  primary  memory capacity of 2,000 transactions between downloads, these are stored in non-volatile memory that does not require a  battery  back-up,  which,  means  even  in  the  event  of  a mains  power fail  the  system  will  retain  all  data. The primary memory can be upgraded to store a larger number of transactions if required.

Access Method

The FT4000 system offers choices of access method. Datatag, Datadisk, Datacard or Mag Stripe card. The Datatag/ Datadisk is our preferred method and is guaranteed for the life of system.

The Datatag  we  manufacture  is  a  read/write  tag,  incorporating high security authentication using a cryptographic algorithm and  a  guaranteed  100,000  read/write  cycles  minimum.  Data retention is 10 years minimum. The advantages of the Datatag are that there are no moving parts maintenance is therefore low, saving costs in the long term on the upkeep of the system. Datatags supplied are guaranteed for the life of the system. The datatag is a read/write device and can be programmed with many  operating  parameters.  All FUELTEK access devices are programmed directly from FUELTEK FMO, you do not have to be in possession of the device to be programed, you can commit changes at FUELTEK FMO and the device will be updated the next time it is used in the FT4000 ( FACT).


For  reporting  purposes  data  is  uploaded  from  the  FACT  to FUELTEK FMO. Reports can be generated, scheduled for automatic delivery at pre-determined times, viewed and / or printed from any location with internet access.


The FT4000 / FUELTEK FMO can support a number or communication methods.

Most commonly we use GPRS modems to allow internet connectivity at the FACT. GPRS ( General Packet Radio Service) is a wireless data service and is a connectivity solution based on internet protocols. No call charges apply using GPRS as a small monthly rental fee covers an amount of data transferred.

We can network Interface allowing the FT4000 to form part of a LAN / WAN.

We can utilise Bluetooth, Wi-fi or even cable RS232 or RS485 to provide a route into your own Broadband connection if required.


The Main Tasks of FUELTEK FMO are:

  • Communications to the FACT
  • Programming Datatags/ access devices
  • Maintaining tables ( DriverFuellerLockout )
  • Running Reports
  • Stock Control
  • Backing up data periodically

FUELTEK FMO  incorporates a reports generator which gives you the ability to create and customise your own reports.

Pump Specification

The FT4000AP TWIN houses two pumping units these are 230 Volt Single phase and can be specified as a  50, 70 or 90  Litre Per Minute fuel pump. A 3.6 metre hard wall hose and an auto cut off nozzle are supplied as standard, we can supply a longer hose if required. The unit uses a four piston displacement meter to ensure overall accuracy of fuel dispensed. The meter is calibrated to forecourt accuracy which is achievable over all dispensing speeds.

Options are available for dispensing different products and units can be configured for diesel/ diesel – diesel / adblue – diesel/gas oil – gas oil /gas oil- gas oil /adblue etc.

Pumping Unit : Belt Driven pump with Air Separation

Motor: Elnor Ex d Rated – 240v Single Phase rated at 10 amps.

Meter: 4 Piston Displacement Meter – Forecourt Accuracy

Cabinet: Stainless Steel with lockable front door.

Display: Electronic LCD Graphics Display with Backlight. Shows up to 9,999.9 litres

Period Totaliser: Shows up to 9,999,999 Litres.

Lifetime Totaliser: Shows up to 9,999,999 Litres.

Pump Speed:  Any combination of 50/70 or 90 lpm


Standard Equipment: 1 ” Auto – Cut Off Nozzle & 3.66 metre Steel Braided Hose

Pulsed Output: For connection to a Fuel Management system

The FT4000AP twin pump is a true twin pump comprising two meters. Two motors, two pumping units, two pulse transducers etc.

The FT4000AP Twin Fuel pump is available in a number of configurations and can be specified as DIESEL/DIESEL , GAS OIL/ GAS OIL , ADBLUE /ADBLUE OR ANY OTHER COMBINATION EG. DIESEL / ADBLUE OR DIESEL GAS OIL.

All Fueltek equipment is supplied with a 12 months parts warranty.