About the FT4000-USB

The FT4000-USB is available as an integrated fuel pump / fuel management system, as a pedestal mounted fuel management system or a wall Mounted (compact) fuel management system to monitor up to two existing fuel pumps, all the available options are designed to provide complete control and management of fuel for smaller commercial transport organisations.

The FT4000USB comprises hardware and software, the hardware is a robust, reliable highly specified Fuel Access Control Terminal (FACT) designed to be installed at the fuelling location. The FT4000USB can control up to two products simultaneously. FT4000-USB uses the tried and trusted Datatag as the access method for authorisation to use the fuelling facility.

FUELTEK FMO – USB is a simple reporting and control software package which is web hosted and enables you to upload transaction data through an internet connection all management functions such as introducing new Datatags are done locally at the FT4000-USB FACT.

Features & Benefits

  • Stops unauthorised access to your fuel
  • Two pump simultaenous operation
  • Datatag access
  • Low stock warning – audible and visual
  • Introduce new datatags or lock existing datatags out
  • View totals reports for each vehicle – at the fact
  • View total fuel used by your fleet – at the fact
  • Start a new period on request.
  • Integrated pump and control system.
  • Can be specified to connect to existing fuel pumps

Technical Specifications

The FT4000-USB is reliable and robust , the cabinet is made entirely of stainless steel.

The FT4000-USB system uses a proximity tag (our own tried and trusted Datatag) as the means of access to fuel , Datatags are guaranteed for the
life of the system, The FT4000-USB uses a robust heavy duty telephone style keypad for driver entries such as mileage readings and a ¼ VGA Graphics display for clear easily understood instructions to be displayed at the point of fuelling. The FT4000-USB can control up to two products simultaneously.

Access Method

The FT4000-USB uses a Datatag as the access method. The Datatag we manufacture is a read/write tag, incorporating high security authentication using a cryptographic algorithm and a guaranteed 100,000 read/write cycles minimum.

Data retention is 10 years minimum. The advantages of the Datatag  are that there are no moving parts maintenance is therefore low, saving costs in the long term on the upkeep of the system. Datatags supplied are guaranteed for the life of the system.


Reporting can take place locally and can be viewed on the display at the FACT or data can be downloaded from the FACT via a USB memory Device ( USB Flash Drive ) and uploaded and manipulated/viewed at FUELTEK FMO – USB web hosted/browser based reporting software.


The FT4000-USB (FACT) is manufactured entirely from stainless steel. The unit is sturdy, robust and designed to operate in harsh environments.

FT4000-USB in operation

Access to fuel is via Datatag. Datatags can be programmed with a registration or fleet number. For reporting purposes a manager datatag is used to access a managers menu at the FACT.

The menu allows you to export transactions to a USB memory device, lock datatags out if required, introduce new datatags on to the system and start a new reporting period if required. Mileage entry is optional and can be selected as a global option in a managers menu. Once data is exported to a USB memory device, data can be uploaded to a web hosted / browser based FUELTEK FMO – USB

Data is uploaded from the USB memory device into the FUELTEK FMO – USB software which is web hosted / browser based. When the data is uploaded it can be sorted into either transaction history or totals used for each datatag. FUELTEK FMO – USB allows you to set a start and end date to enable you to view transactions in a time frame that suits you. Data can sorted via filters for information on fuel type/ Datatag Number. Data can also be exported into excel or word for further manipulation if required.