Safety First – New Measures to Help Working Drivers

Safe Driving at Work

Perhaps this is why the British Safety Council has elected to introduce a new safety qualification that’s directly aimed at people who drive during their working hours. Statistically, about one third of all road traffic accidents in the UK feature someone who is driving as a part of their job, so some assistance is clearly required. According to FleetNews, the Level 2 Safe Driving at Work award enhances awareness of things like risk management, teaching subjects like defensive driving and vehicle inspection with a view to better equip drivers when they come across hazardous situations.

Apparently, the qualification is set to be carried out by the employers or designated trainers of working drivers – such as fleet owners – and the ever-present concern over vulnerable road users is expected to feature heavily. Cyclists are always one of the most prominent people groups to suffer within road accident situations, and the Safe Driving at Work award is setting out to change that unwanted fact. The 45-minute exam can be taken either online or in traditional pen-and-ink form, and no previous knowledge is needed for a candidate to take the test.

Safe Driving Tips

Here at Fueltek, supplying things like fuel storage tanks and management solutions to fleet owners and the like is one of the cornerstones of our business, and so we’re well aware that this news is set to affect our clientele in a big way. Because of our years of experience, we have a fair few road-safety tips of our own to offer, so here are some important considerations for you to bear in mind:

–        Leave plenty of space at all times. This space should be at least 2 second’s worth of room, and you should also keep space to either side of your vehicle wherever possible too.

–        Don’t treat a speed limit as a target. Pushing your speed can easily cause accidents, and will certainly make them more serious, so avoid the temptation to do so.

–        Anticipate what’s happening at the furthest point you can see. Recognising hazards is the number one way to avoid accidents, and don’t just rely on a Sat-Nav. They’re very fallible.

–        Keep your vehicle serviced. Breakdowns lead to accidents, and even small things like worn types are not only dangerous, but illegal too. Make sure you’re on top of maintenance.

–        Pay attention to your environment. If a road is littered with markings and signs, then you should be taking extra care. The extra information is there for a reason.

–        Don’t drive when you shouldn’t. That means driving when using a mobile or driving when you’re tired, among other things. It’s asking for major trouble.

Of course, as a fleet owner the safety of your drivers is an area of paramount importance, but it’s not the only key consideration. Fuel efficiency is another priority, and assets like our bunded fuel tanks are ideal for achieving such an end. If you’d like to learn more about how Fueltek can assist with our efficient fuel management systems, feel free to contact us now by calling 01254 291 391 or send an email to