The Weird and the Wonderful: Customised Lorries

It’s no surprise that truckers are getting in on the act. After all, lorry drivers are serious trail-blazers, and when you spend so much time in the cab of a big rig, you want it to feel like home. Out on the road, you’re as likely to see paintings of Del Boy and Rodney, side by side with Don Corelone and Elvis Presley – who was himself a truck driver, so he’ll doubtless approve.

But what about these awesomely weird and wonderful trucks? Would you ride around in…

The Movie Trucks

When we say pop culture is everywhere, we mean it – if these trucks are anything to go by. Taking inspiration from the movies, these drivers have kitted out their trucks to resemble…

Optimus Prime

The leader of the Transformers becomes the King of the Road.

Mack from Cars

We daren’t ask how the driver can see where he’s going – but at least the truck can.

And Iron Man

Become a superhero, fight crime, and stop off at the Little Chef on the way home.

Japan’s Dekotora

Check out this metallic monster! In Japan, tricking-out your truck is a major form of art. It probably won’t surprise you to learn that these extravagant designs are inspired by Gundam – an anime about giant war robots. Fancy decking out your truck in the same style? Just add some neon or UV lights. Then keep adding. And adding. And adding. There’s a truck under there somewhere, we promise…

Pakistan’s Truck Décor

If you have more traditional tastes, check out how they roll in Pakistan. Over there, these sorts of decoration are considered a form of art. Moving art, to be precise, with plenty of floral designs and poetry. And they’d add a serious splash of colour to the dreary M25 and beyond.

Picture Peterbilt Rollin’

Want a big rig you can really be proud of, and still carry out your work each day? Vinnie Diorio’s wicked-cool orange and black Peterbilt 379. The Wisconsin trucker ditched all those silly extras like horn, badges and even door handles – who needs those, right? The end result is this awesome, award-winning hot rod-style rig. We may not know art, but we know what we like.

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