What is AdBlue and What are the Benefits?

When filling up your vehicle at the fuel station, or purchasing your supply of fuel for your fleet, you may have heard mention of AdBlue. This product is generally sold in the same places where you already purchase your fuel from.

AdBlue is a product that when used in a diesel combustion engine reduces the emissions of that vehicle, leading to a cleaner environment for us all. All governments are working towards targets on overall emissions and AdBlue is a vital part of that effort. Permissible engine emissions are reduced each year making it harder for engine manufacturers to meet the targets set, the only viable way to ensure reduced emissions year on year is to broaden the use of AdBlue, soon all diesel vehicles will feature an AdBlue tank and will require a top up of AdBlue when re-fuelling.

What is AdBlue?

AdBlue is a non-toxic liquid, which is colourless and is made up of water and Urea (often referred to as carbamide, and is an organic substance). It works in conjunction with a recent technology called SCR, or Selective Catalytic Reduction. The liquid is injected into a catalyst in the vehicles exhaust system before any harmful liquids such as nitrogen oxide can come out of the tail pipe. Many cars and other vehicles now come with the AdBlue technology built in, and if you’re a relatively low mileage motorist you may have never had to fill the tank (particularly if it’s a new vehicle), however if you are covering more mileage or are the owner of a fleet or related business, it may be a more frequent task.

How Does It Work?

When the two substances that make up AdBlue are combined with the exhaust emissions, it creates the harmless gases of Nitrogen and Oxygen, by breaking down mono nitrogen oxides. These are both natural gases and do not harm the environment.

The Euro 6 emissions standards which came into force last year, effect vehicles which run on diesel in particular, and to comply with these new rules, using AdBlue is an effective way to meet the emission standards.

This technology has been used in the transport industry, particularly heavy lorries and some buses for years now, its effectiveness has been proven and its reliability is better than ever.

What are its Benefits?

As mentioned, the major benefit of using AdBlue in your diesel vehicle is that it reduces the emissions of mono-nitrogen oxide, which will reduce the negative impact your business may have on the environment. This can lead to you gaining accreditations, or helping you to gain certain aspects to get awards and recognitions, such as the FORS accreditation.

Not only does Adblue help to improve our environment, it is classified in the safe minimum risk category for fluids in the UK, is non-flammable (therefore safer) and inexpensive.

Commercial Uses, Monitoring and Storing

AdBlue use will become as common as diesel use in the transport industry. The amount of solution you will use can differ due to the vehicle type, model and load, the environmental conditions, driving conditions and the way the driver drives, although 5% by volume to diesel seems to be the average.

It is important to store and monitor your AdBlue appropriately, especially when controlling or managing a fleet. To stay on top of your AdBlue levels, encourage your drivers to keep an eye on the levels from the dashboard, and keep them informed that the more economical the driving of the vehicle is, the less solution will be used. Another efficient way to keep on top of your AdBlue use is via a fuel management system. This can provide an extremely efficient way of ensuring that all stock is accounted for and automatically identify data such as cost, department, vehicle type, distance travelled etc.

adblue fuel storage from Fueltek
At Fueltek, we understand that as the use of AdBlue increases so will your need store, dispense and manage the product appropriately. We supply AdBlue storage, dispensing and fuel monitoring systems which can keep track of your solution usage. Our

If you would like to know any more information regarding our 4000AB-AdBlue Pump, simply get in touch with the Fueltek team, we would love to discuss your business and its exciting and efficient future.