Why Switch to Cloud-Based Management Software for Your Fuel?

Cloud computing is an increasingly popular choice for data storage and data management and as such has been adopted  in the fuel management industry. In addition to the convenience factor of being accessible anywhere in the world, cloud-based fuel management software addresses efficiency issues that helps you to cut on costs.

Whether you have a big or a small fleet business, cloud-based software is a great option to help you streamline your business.

Cloud-Based Management Software and Traditional Software

Cloud computing is a wide variety of internet-based computing services. Unlike traditional software, cloud-based software means that you access data from a datacentre, instead of having your information stored on site. This feature allows for more flexibility and accessibility, as you don’t need to be on site to access important information about your fuel.

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Increased Management Capacity

The ability to manage fuel data remotely is an essential feature for smoothly run businesses. Capable of being accessed from any location in the world and from any PC, with the only requirement being an internet or intranet connection, User Password, and Login ID.

Proactive Management

With stored information on a database accessible from any PC with an internet connection, even if you need to travel to other sites on business you are still able to access as an administrator. Through constant viewing of fuel data, you have easy access to your stock and can control it. Round the clock supervision allows for fuel logistics optimisation and management; it guarantees extreme and precise control over fuel management critical processes, intensifying the level of flexibility possible.

Any deficits or unexpected fluctuations can be managed quickly. As an administrator, you can block, edit, or add users as needed.

 Multi-user access

Good management is based on sound and timely information so Fueltek FMO cloud based fuel management software has been engineered to be truly multi-user.  Whether the manager is based at HQ, running a depot or travelling in the UK or overseas they can easily access information and make decisions.  Depending on their personalised access and control profile they can review and print reports, update information, monitor fuel stocks, view vehicle performance, add or lock out drivers from the system and perform many other key tasks.

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Cost Effective

Traditional software requires more office equipment than cloud-based software. Datacentres necessitate large quantities of electricity, but they are more efficient than office computers as cloud computing providers are able to optimise both software and hardware for energy efficiency. Office computers, however, require more energy to be as productive.

As market leaders in providing fuel management systems, here at Fueltek we design, develop, manufacture, install, and service our own fuel management software systems. Ease of use and accuracy are just two of their big advantages. If you would like more information about our services, get in touch with us by giving us a call on 01254 291391 to speak to our friendly team. We’re always happy to help!

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