Worst Satnav Mistakes

The Australian Outback

If there’s one place you don’t want to get lost, it’s the Australian outback. It’s vast, remote, and there’s no-one around to hear your scream – well, probably.

Back in 2010, a group of British tourists became stranded out there, after their satnav sent them down a dirt track, into the barren wilderness of the Australian outback.

Unaware that the road was closed due to heavy rainfall, they continued on their journey before becoming stuck in thick mud. Due to bad weather, the authorities were unable to come to their rescue for four days!

Waterfall Wars

Imagine planning a trip to see a picturesque waterfall, and ending up in a cul-de-sac instead. This is a fate shared by numerous tourists each year, en route to the beautiful Aberdulais Falls, located in the Welsh Neath valley.

If you’re wondering why, it’s because these stunning falls share the same postcode as the nearby Dulais Close – a cul-de-sac in the neighbouring village of Aberdulais.

Unsurprisingly the street’s residents are said to be growing increasingly irritated by the constant enquiries of ‘where’s the waterfall?’

Crackpot Crisis

It’s always best to take the advice of your satnav with a pinch of salt.

A number of unsuspecting drivers got stuck in the rather appropriately named Yorkshire village of Crackpot, after their satnav directed them to take a steep, unclassified road.

Despite a number of official warning signs declaring the route to be a ‘no through road’ and a 5-bar gate, the drivers ploughed on – at their peril.

You’ll be glad to heard they were eventually rescued by some kind-hearted farmers and their tractors.

Stairway to Disaster

Ah, the limousine, the most luxurious way to travel. That is, until you start careering down a flight of concrete steps.

That’s exactly what happened to one limo driver, who, at the behest of his satnav, took a detour down a steep flight of stairs, in the Austrian city of Salzburg. Luckily, no-one was injured… but confused? Yes.

The Detour of All Detours

There’s a detour, and then there’s a 1,600 mile detour. A truck driver once drove a 32-tonne truck down a narrow lane to Gibraltar Point, in Lincolnshire, England – much to the surprise of local birdwatchers.

It turns out the actual destination he was looking for was the island of Gibraltar – located 1,600 miles away off the Spanish coast.

That’s one blunder he’s unlikely to forget any time soon, and might just be the ultimate sat-gaffe!

Cliff Crisis

If your satnav told you to drive up a cliff, would you? Well, that’s exactly what Robert Ziegler did.

Whilst driving his van in Switzerland, this naive motorist ended up getting stuck up a mountain path, after taking his satnav’s directions as gospel.

By the time he realised his mistake, it was too late to turn around, and he and his van had to be rescued from the mountain top by a helicopter!

A Watery End

Some mistakes can be particularly costly – a lesson one motorist learned the hard way, after driving their £96,000 Mercedes-Benz, into the River Sence, in Leicestershire.

Once again, this was a case of someone blindly following the instructions of their satnav.

Thankfully the driver escaped without any injuries, though the same cannot be said for her car, or her pride.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this round-up of some truly epic satnav fails. These cautionary tales just go to show, that as great as technologies such as satnavs are, driving requires a little common sense too.

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