3 Reasons Why Your Fleet Cars Should Be Diesel

The popularity of diesel among fleet vehicles has risen significantly, to the point where it is the stand out preferred fuel among fleets. But why are so many fleet services relying on diesel over petrol and what advantages does this spell for you and your team?

Better Economy

Arguably the most important benefit to your fleet, when it comes to selecting your fuel type, is the cost. Diesel vehicles can actually improve your fuel mileage, sometimes offering up to 30% more miles to the gallon. Not only does this mean that you can save significant money on your fleet’s overall mileage and fuel usage, but you can use the saved money to pump into other areas of your company; perhaps hiring more staff, thus improving the effectiveness of your operation.

Less Depreciation

It is commonly believed that diesel engines are more robust than petrol. While petrol engines have improved to deal with depreciation and longevity significantly better over the years, a diesel engine does in fact tend to depreciate at a slower rate. A diesel engine does often cost a little more, but for the extra longevity and improved economy can all be factored in to improve overall cost-effectiveness.


Maintenance costs for diesel vehicles are considered to be more expensive, but when you consider the money saved on fuel and durability, a diesel vehicle certainly still seems more cost-effective… particularly as the durability means that less maintenance is likely to be needed.

In a fleet, where there are numerous vehicles, time spent off the road can mount up to a significant unnecessary overhead or loss of income. After all, time is money. Taking into consideration the better mileage, the lower maintenance and the improved durability, a diesel vehicle seems the perfect option for a fleet.

What better time to consider switching to a more cost-effective vehicle for your fleet than with the dawning of a New Year?

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