How Fuel Management Could Bring Our Rail Ticket Prices Down

However, it’s not the case that fares are rising in order to make more profits for the rail companies – in many cases their already strict budgets are being tightened to limit such rises.

Here at Fueltek, we work closely with various rail companies to provide them with a more consistent method of saving money; an efficient fuel management system that increases the efficiency and reduces the cost of refuelling a train so that eventually the savings can be passed down to the customer without the rail companies having to pay out of pocket to run their service.

But how exactly will rail companies benefit from an efficient fuel management system?

More Money for Track and Train Maintenance

Although the railways of the UK are pretty well maintained, wear and tear will happen eventually. Essential maintenance tasks need to be paid for somehow, and it will usually be at least part funded by the rail companies which use the line.

If these companies are spending more money than they need to when it comes to fuelling their trains, they aren’t going to have much money to spare to use for essential train and line maintenance.

However, using an efficient, easy to access fuel management system, train companies will be able to save themselves some money while using the money that they will have saved to perform preventative maintenance as well as emergency maintenance on the tracks and rolling stock.

This will help them stick within the often difficult budgets and goals that they are working with, as well as reducing the amount of damage and wear and tear that their trains experience as a result of better maintained rail tracks.

Once rail companies are satisfied that this method is allowing them to cover their costs adequately, this will eventually filter down to the commuters – but it is important that rail companies are sure that all their budgets and goals can be met consistently before attempting to reduce their prices drastically.

More Security = Less Wastage

One of the main issues that many train operators want to combat is the issue of fuel wastage. Fuelling a train for a long cross country journey isn’t going to be cheap, so operators want to make sure that the fuel that they are using is going to go a long way and get the train to its destination.

The main attraction of a fuel management system such as the ones we provide here at Fueltek is that they have the added security of measuring how much fuel a train is filling up with, allowing the efficiency to be recorded and fuel levels adapted if wastage is too high.

Again, this will reduce the amount of money that the train companies will need to spend on fuel and the cost of running their service will drop, allowing them to save money and provide a better, more efficient service at no extra cost to themselves.

After many years of steep ticket price rises, it’s about time that some of the blame is lifted from the rail management companies. They often struggle with tight budgets and high costs which all mount up eventually. However at Fueltek, we believe the future of cheaper train fares lies within more efficient fuel management systems in the rail industry.

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