Case Study – Lancashire Fire & Rescue and Merseyside Fire & Rescue

Operating across sites across the north of England, Merseyside Fire and Rescue and Lancashire Fire and Rescue require access to fuel on a daily basis to guarantee the safety of civilians living within the region. In the case of a national emergency, it’s vital that our fire service, as well as other emergency services, have access to a reliable source of fuel. With that in mind, Fueltek were approached by Merseyside Fire and Rescue and Lancashire Fire and Rescue who were looking for a brand new complete fuel management package to be installed at sites across the North West.

Fire and Rescue

The Project

Merseyside Fire and Rescue had been working alongside the Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service to put together a specification for a fuel management system which would aid both authorities.

With fire authorities across the UK being duty-bound to store a certain amount of fuel on-site as a contingency in the case of a national emergency arising, they approached Fueltek requiring a fuel monitoring system, dispenser, reporting software and approved tank gauging facilities.

The specification for this project needed to meet Measuring Instruments Directive (MID) standards to ensure that the resale systems were able to be used by both authorities. Once installed, the facility would share fuel with other local authorities such as the police, ambulance service or local councils, whilst being able to accurately charge for the fuel used by each of the external authorities.

The thinking behind installing this type of shared system allowed Merseyside Fire and Rescue and Lancashire Fire and Rescue a cost versus benefit justification for the capital equipment purchase.


The Fueltek Solution

Due to the scale of this project, the team here at Fueltek worked closely with both Merseyside Fire and Rescue and Lancashire Fire and Rescue to ensure the clients brief was met to their satisfaction.

With all products supplied required to meet MID approved standards, Fueltek provided our ATEX approved FT4000AP fuel monitor and dispensing system, with our ATEX approved tank gauging and monitoring system, TankWatch and Fueltek’s FMO management and reporting software.

When used together, Merseyside Fire and Rescue and Lancashire Fire and Rescue benefit from a modern fuel management system which accurately dispenses and gauges fuel. When our fuel tank monitoring system TankWatch is paired with our online fuel management and reporting software, the client is able to access a real-time stock comparison with the book stock figures; all of this is perfect for this particular project, as the fire service requires instant access to fuel stock after other service providers utilise their fuel storage facility.

Along with this, Fueltek offered a full service, by de-commissioning old underground fuel tanks and disposing of existing dispensing equipment. Along with this, groundwork was also required to supply installation for the fuel storage tanks and dispensing equipment across all 15 sites.

Speaking of the project, Fueltek’s Managing Director, Martin Devine, said: “Fueltek worked closely with both Fire Authorities to execute a plan and provide a resilient storage, dispensing and monitoring system that can be used by the authorities for many years to come.”

We are extremely pleased that Lancashire Fire & Rescue and Merseyside Fire & Rescue are extremely happy with the work we have carried out at their premises. Providing support to our emergency services brings a lot of pride to all of the staff here at Fueltek, and we look forward to assisting in their fuel management projects in the future.

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