Food and Pharmaceutical Delivery Sector

Commercial fleets focused on food and pharmaceutical deliveries rely on efficient fuel management and guaranteed availability more than fleets in other sectors. The perishable nature of the products transported demands a faster fulfilment rate with no time to waste with inefficient choices.

That is why we at Fueltek support these businesses by offering onsite fuel storage, dispensing, and management solutions. Products such as our complete fuel management package are a great solution for many of our customers, and our team is capable of tailoring it to suit even the most extreme operational needs, such as those required by businesses working in perishable product supply chains.

Eliminate Supply Chain Disruptions

Relying on fuel from external sources, such as public forecourts, significantly increases the opportunities for negative disruptions with your order fulfilment. Additionally, options like fuel cards are not an efficient solution for businesses transporting perishable goods as they rely on reducing the efficiency of public refuelling. Fortunately, we supply the best alternative, onsite storage.

By investing in one of our systems, you gain a private fuel station at your home base. This enables your drivers to have constant access to the fuel they need for their fulfilment tasks without any concern about sourcing from external locations.

Our bunded fuel tanks also provide you with the opportunity to choose wholesale fuel purchases, which provide significant savings that can be further improved with detailed wireless monitoring and efficient route planning. In addition, our products come equipped with reliable security features such as our DataTags and DataNozzle systems, which only allow authorised drivers to access your purchased fuel.

Once our team has installed the chosen tank in a safe and legally compliant location at your facility, you can monitor it wirelessly with our TankWatch system and find new ways to get the most out of this vital resource.

Shorter Lead Times for Cold Chain Supply

Every second counts with food and pharmaceutical items within cold chain supply networks, which is why these businesses need to maintain tight schedules that prevent products from spoiling. With our onsite options, your vehicles refuel far quicker in between jobs without the need to detour for fuel. This means minimised downtime and smoother operations, which are crucial for meeting delivery deadlines and maintaining product integrity.

Sustainable Fuel Options

Beyond operational efficiency, our products support any fleet’s sustainability goals. With our HVO, GTL and AdBlue compatible tanks and pumps, fleet managers get to choose eco-friendly fuel options and combine them with initiatives to minimise wasted fuel. As a result, your driver’s carbon footprint is reduced significantly. This dual focus on efficiency and environmental responsibility underscores the importance of onsite fuel solutions in modern cold chain operations.

Why Choose Fueltek?

At Fueltek, our reliable fuel management systems consist of singular enhancements to comprehensive solutions designed to significantly improve your business’s fuel efficiency permanently.

Take advantage of our expertise in designing and installing a beneficial fuel management infrastructure for your business by contacting us today. We have improved businesses’ fuel expenses and use across the UK with our reliable, effective monitoring, dispensing and storage options, such as:

Our team is committed to supporting the nation’s commercial fleets with our custom solutions designed to fulfil your business’s daily needs. Read our related case studies to find out how we have already helped other companies within your sector, and you’ll also see how we will help you lower your fuel expenses, too.