The Countries with the Most Expensive Diesel

With the popularity of diesel vehicles in the country, the price of diesel fuel has sky-rocketed in the past four years, and is only now beginning to level off to some consistency. Although in fairness, that price is still phenomenally high. Sometimes you can’t help but think that it’s all just a nefarious plot on the part of oil traders to encourage irate conversation. After all, what else would we talk about with fellow drivers with whom we have little in common?

With that in mind, we’re going to look at the countries who pay the most for their diesel.

Germany… And Ireland

Price per litre: 126p

When we think of Germany we rarely bracket Ireland in with them – that honour goes to neighbouring Austria. But the two countries do share something in common: the price of diesel is the same in both countries. In Germany, the percentage of a monthly income spent on the black stuff is 6.9%, and for Ireland it’s 7%.


Price per litre: 128p

In Finland, where the average monthly disposable income after tax is £1,788.24. Of that, you can expect to spend around 6.8% on diesel.


Price per litre: 131p

Ah, Iceland. Famous for 24-hour sunshine in the summer, Bjork, and frozen food stores up and down Great Britain. If you fancy spending 9.4% of your monthly income on diesel, this is the place to go.


Price per litre: 133p

Denmark has a pretty high average for disposable income – £2177.32, if you were wondering – so just 5.8% is spent on diesel.


Price per litre: 135p

Sticking with Nords, Sweden pay a slightly higher percentage on diesel – 6.5%.


Price per litre: 138p

Head east, and outside of the European Union, and you’ll discover Israel pay a pretty high percentage of 11.2%.

United Kingdom

Price per litre: 141p

It’s no surprise that the UK is in the top five countries for most expensive diesel, is it? With an average monthly income of £1700, we spend around £130.69 on diesel, or a colossal 7.9% of our income.


Price per litre: 144p

Boy, have Turkey ever got a raw deal. On average they spend a staggering 25.8% of their monthly income on diesel. And that average monthly income? Just £528.56.


Price per litre: 147p

Like many a World Cup, Italy are coming in second in this competition. Despite a fairly average monthly income of £1366.15, 10.2% of that is spent on diesel.


Price per litre: 150p

And in at number one! Norway pays the most anywhere in the world for their diesel. But it’s not all bad news – with an average income of £2707 a month, a minuscule 5.2% is spent on it, despite costing a massive 150p per litre.

It’s perhaps unsurprising that the countries paying the most for diesel are, by and large, European. European countries are taxed excessively, with fuel duty and VAT accounting for upwards of 60% of the cost. On the other hand, the countries with the lowest diesel prices are Venezuela and Iran, who pay, respectively, just 1p and 2p per litre. In America, where diesel cars are yet to really take off, they pay just 57p per litre.

Of course there are tips you can use to lower the costs of driving. Simple things, such as driving smoothly without constantly braking or aggressively accelerating and checking tyre pressure can seriously improve your fuel economy. So can making use of fuel management software which can encourage optimum performances from your vehicle. As a leading supplier of fuel storage tanks and fuel management systems, we always take a keen interest in the ups and downs – but mostly ups – of fuel costs. If you’d like to know more about our products, including bunded fuel tanks, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01254 291 391 and we’ll be happy to help.