Motorway Robbery

According to a report from the BBC, data has also revealed that the high price of fuel on our motorways could be costing the average motorist an extra £8 a tank when compared with elsewhere.

In light of such evidence, the motoring organisation RAC has called for retailers to cut their prices, arguing that a cap should be introduced at motorway service stations in order to prevent retailers from inflating prices artificially.

There have also been concerns that these high prices may be putting motorists at risk, and the article quotes a spokesman from RAC as stating that“there is also a real concern that some motorists may decide to risk getting home with what they have left in the tank, rather than fill up at an expensive service station, and potentially run out of fuel. That presents a real danger, both to that driver and other road users.”

However, representatives from the Petrol Retailers Association have claimed that with regards to profits, the margins on diesel for HGVs are in fact small.However they admitted these were likely to be higher on fuel sold to motorists, claiming reasonable margins were needed to balance out the high costs of running a motorway forecourt.

The government already conducted a review of motorway fuel prices last year,however no new measures were introduced in order to tackle the high price of filling up at these sites.Instead it was ruled that retailers would be forced to display prices well in advance, to offer motorists the chance to shop around.It was thought that this would also have the added benefit of increasing competition, thereby helping to reduce prices.However these changes have yet to be implemented and it remains to be seen what effects such changes will have.

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