How to Get the Best Price on Diesel?

Vehicle-based businesses or businesses with a fleet they rely on always seek ways to reduce costs and increase operational and fuel efficiency. For companies that rely on diesel fuel to power their vehicles and equipment, finding the best fuel prices is critical to their success within a highly competitive sector. Read on to discover ways your business can ensure they pay the lowest prices for their essential fuel.

Avoid Fuel Cards

Fuel cards are pre-paid fuel solutions but rely on public forecourt prices, exposing your business to many difficulties that can be avoided. For instance, not all fuel cards are compatible with every petrol station; they are sometimes branded and limit the areas where your drivers can use them. These increased complications are enhanced by the natural issues that come with your driver having to navigate the public areas around these stations.

Regarding fuel prices, fuel card prices are as erratic as forecourt prices and make it highly challenging for managers to establish accurate budgets and plan costs ahead of time. Changes in global oil prices, political instability in certain regions, and currency fluctuations are various factors that cause fluctuations in fuel prices. These issues are easily avoidable by investing in your on-site fuel solution and embracing the benefits of wholesale fuel prices.

On-Site Fuel Storage for Wholesale Priced Fuel

By storing fuel on-site, commercial fleets take advantage of bulk pricing and avoid the price fluctuations associated with traditional fuel purchasing methods. It’s estimated that the combination of on-site tanks and fuel dispensing equipment saves up to 10p per litre compared to choices like fuel cards, resulting in substantial savings of thousands of pounds annually.

This is made possible by bulk purchasing wholesale fuel, typically cheaper, and establishing mutually beneficial relationships with oil supply companies and your business. But this is only possible once you invest in a safe on-site system that will act as your fuel station for your drivers. Additionally, you can make informed purchasing decisions and plan your budget ahead of time with more stable wholesale prices. Finally, maximise your savings, and improve your expenses with your complete fuel management package from Fueltek.

Tips for Finding the Best Fuel Wholesalers

After investing in your on-site fuel solution, sourcing the best prices for wholesale fuel is essential. The following tips will help you consistently find the best prices long-term:

  • Research fuel suppliers: Conduct thorough research on your potential fuel suppliers and compare their prices and services. This will enable you to find the best deals and ensure you get the best value for your money.
  • Negotiate prices: Negotiating fuel prices with suppliers leads to significant savings, particularly for larger or repeat orders. Be confident and clear about your requirements and discuss potential discounts or pricing structures.
  • Consider bulk buying: Buying fuel in bulk often results in lower prices per litre. First, however, it’s essential to ensure adequate storage capacity within your on-site bunded fuel tanks. Fortunately, with our wireless fuel monitoring system connected, you’ll always be aware of the status of your fuel inventory.

By following these tips, HGV companies can source the best wholesale prices for their fuel needs, dramatically reducing fuel costs compared to public forecourt prices and ultimately improving the bottom line of your expenses.

Fuel Management Optimises Fuel Expenses

Optimising fuel usage for your business leads to several many financially beneficial results that positively impact your bottom line and overall productivity. By implementing fuel optimisation strategies such as investing in wholesale fuel purchases, your fleet will get the most out of your fuel, and your business will enjoy the following outcomes:

Firstly, you will experience reduced overall expenses. This reduction comes from decreased fuel consumption, usually wasted through inefficient driver actions. By teaching to eliminate wasteful activities such as idling, you can enhance your business’s fuel efficiency and even minimise asset repair downtime. In addition, beneficial strategies like green driving your business significantly reduce fuel usage and expenses.

Thirdly, optimising routes increases productivity. With efficient routes, you reduce delivery times, increase the number of deliveries possible, and improve overall productivity. Additionally, the optimised routes will ensure more efficient fuel usage overall.

Fourthly, increased environmental sustainability comes with adopting fuel-optimising strategies. Eliminating wasteful actions has the additional benefit of reducing your fleet’s environmental impact. Additionally, including AdBlue tanks in your on-site fuel solution will reduce your fleet’s carbon emissions and demonstrate your company’s environmental commitment.

These results are improved by including the previously described on-site fuel systems that will provide your facility with all the diesel fuel your operations need at the best prices.

Fueltek: Comprehensive Fuel Management Solutions

At Fueltek, we offer practical fuel storage, dispensing, and management solutions to businesses nationwide. Our online catalogue features a range of bespoke storage solutions and commercial fleet fuel management systems to suit any business needs. Contact us today, and our team of experts will guide you towards the best solution for your business.