Logistics and Supply Chain Fuel Management

At Fueltek, we know the importance of efficient fuel usage and availability for logistics and supply chain fleets. We have decades of experience serving businesses like yours, and we provide custom and complete fuel management packages whilst adhering to fuel storage regulations onsite. Our innovative technology guarantees smooth operations and cost savings for your commercial supply fleet.

Benefits of Fuel Management for Fulfilment Fleets

Here are some examples of how our onsite fuel management systems benefit commercial fleets in the logistics and supply chain sector.

Cost Savings on Fuel Expenses

By eliminating the need to rely on forecourt prices, you will significantly reduce fuel costs and overheads. Initially, your business will achieve this by purchasing cheaper wholesale fuel in large amounts to be stored in one of our bunded fuel tanks. Subsequently, these costs are reduced further with our fuel monitoring software that identifies inefficient use by your drivers.

Improved Operation Efficiency

When utilising onsite fuel storage and dispensing, you will minimise downtime associated with refuelling at external locations. With your own diesel pumps connected to your storage, your vehicles can refuel directly at your premises, saving valuable time between jobs and increasing operational efficiency.

Advanced Fuel Security Options

Our advanced monitoring systems provide comprehensive security features to safeguard your fuel assets. Initially, there was wireless monitoring software that consistently monitored your pump activity and tank volume, with the option of comparative reports and activity history to reveal any unauthorised use.

Physical authorisation access methods are available, such as our popular data tags, that a driver can use to unlock a pump and receive the pre-designated fuel they need to complete their journey. Additionally, our Datanozzles eliminate the need for tags by implementing nozzles that will identify the vehicle with linked security devices and unlock only the authorised ones, reducing the complexity of your fuel security even further.

Decreased Environmental Impact

With your own storage, you get to choose what fuel you put in it rather than relying on the choices of other businesses. Biofuels such as HVO and GTL are also compatible with our secure tanks, and we even supply AdBlue pumps and storage options where both your diesel and the emissions-neutralising substance are stored simultaneously and securely in our AdBlue tanks. Investing in these green solutions makes your fleet stand out from your competitors as the more eco-conscious choice and provides more opportunities to improve your fleet’s reputation in the future.

Choose Fueltek for Improved Fuel Management

Join countless businesses in the logistics and supply chain sector who have chosen us for the design, installation, and aftercare of their onsite fuel management system. Explore our success with our range of case studies, including when we supplied a supply-chain partner with various fuel management products across their 13 worksites nationwide.

Our expert team will work closely with you to understand your unique requirements and deliver customised solutions that drive efficiency and fuel savings for your daily operations. Contact us to learn more about our products and services and how they can benefit your business.