Our Accreditations Explained: By Fueltek

As a fully committed company on all aspects of our business, we are proud to have been awarded a wide number of accreditations. We are dedicated to our clients and employees, always ensuring their utmost happiness and quality of service. As specialists in commercial vehicle refuelling and experts in developing, designing, manufacturing, installation, and servicing of fuel pumps, fuel management systems, and fuel storage tanks, we truly offer completely professional sales and after-sales services.

ISO 9001:2015

This certification showcases how we provide high-quality products and services, and how all of our processes are streamlined for the best possible service. As a company who adapts to an ever-changing world, we understand how important it is to have both growth and sustained success.

ATEX IEC 80079-34

All production and manufacture must be in compliance with ATEX’s standards for products to be used in potentially explosive environments. With our clients in the refuelling area, we understand the need for specialised service and products to ensure the utmost safety of everyone involved.

Safe Contractor

We take Health and Safety very seriously at Fueltek, a fact that is recognised by our Safe Contractor Accreditation. Our policies, procedures, and training all follow the rigorous standards set by the organisation, ensuring that we provide the best possible environment for employees and clients.

APEA – Association of Petroleum and Explosives Administration

Following good practices is essential and something that we believe in. APEA provides specialised training courses in our industry, ensuring that we are informed of the latest knowledge and development in the industry.

Construction Line

Having the highest standards and being compliant with all up-to-date regulations is vital for us, and our Construction Line membership highlights our commitment to compliance. Construction industry purchasers have a guarantee that we are compliant with all industry standards and provide the best quality of service.

EMC Emission Testing

All of our in-house developed products have undergone EMC emission testing, ensuring that we provide products that are compliant and safe from electromagnetic emissions. Additionally, it also guarantees the free flow of our products in the European Economic Area.


The Road Haulage Association guarantees that road transport operators have the best possible advice and their interests in mind. Ensuring that vehicle emissions are within the regulators’ ranges, it also ensures that companies are fully compliant with industry standards and that businesses have access to fuel management tools.

Equality Register

This local authority standards guarantees that local authorities can trust suppliers, such as Fueltek, to operate on equal opportunities throughout the business. It also guarantees that companies follow and have in place preventative modern slavery policies.

Here at Fueltek, we always make sure that you have the best possible service. Simply get in touch with our expert team to know more about how we can help you.