Protecting Your Fuel From Thieves

Employee or Staff Pilfering

This isn’t an area that many people like to think about, but if you’re taking the protection of your fuel seriously then you need to bear it in mind. Unscrupulous employees could, in theory, be a threat to your fuel; even if it is only a case of small-scale theft, such actions all add up.

The best way to make sure that your business doesn’t suffer in this respect is to secure the access routes to your fuel storage tanks. Make sure that only authorised staff can reach your tanks by using some form of access control – automated or otherwise – and implement a system that keeps these individuals accountable. That way, if anything does go missing, you’ll know exactly who to speak to.

Organised Crime and Theft

Most serious instances of fuel theft are going to involve people from outside your company, and as a result the most obvious security measures should be taken in this area. Keeping your fuel tanks safe from outside interference involves utilising a mixture of strategies, including:

Tank Positioning: Most organised fuel theft involves a tanker being used to pump fuel from the main storage tanks, and so the situation of your fuel tank can be used to prevent this tactic being utilised. If your fuel tanks are located in a secure-access area that excludes unauthorised vehicles, the scope for large-scale fuel theft is greatly reduced.

On-site and Tank Security: As we’ve just mentioned, onsite security can be used to prevent vehicles being used to steal fuel, but it can similarly be implemented to combat smaller-scale theft too. Likewise, using the correct sort of fuel storage tanks will go a long way towards securing your fuel, as these sorts of containers have been specifically developed to be optimised for fuel storage.

Alarm Systems: In this case, we can recommend our very own Tankwatch fuel tank monitoring system, which can be incorporated into our purpose-designed fuel tanks. As well as providing you with a lot of useful business data, Tankwatch also sends remote alerts if unusual stock movements are detected. In this way, you’ll always be notified if anything is amiss with your fuel tanks.

Fuel theft is naturally a concern for a commercial transport business, as it will cost you a substantial amount of money if it occurs. However, the misuse of fuel can also be a big problem in a financial sense too, and that’s why Fueltek offers a range of proven fuel management systems to optimise your profitability. If you’d like to find out more, please contact us now by calling 01254 291 391 or emailing today.