Will Trucks Ever Drive Themselves?

Daimler Trucks

In a recent article on Engineering.com, a brand new driverless Mercedes Benz truck is discussed in some depth, and this vehicle is not just a theoretical future possibility, but is actually a working innovation that has just had its world premiere. Developed by Daimler Trucks, this new vehicle is capable of driving totally autonomously at speeds of up to 85 km/h, and the capabilities of the truck have already been demonstrated on the A14 autobahn near Magdeburg.

A Shortage of Drivers

These Daimler trucks are being suggested as the solution to a predicted influx of European freight traffic in the coming years, and they are also being hailed as a possible turning-point in the quest to encourage more people to become truck drivers. In many areas, truck driving is seen as a relatively undesirable profession, but these new driverless trucks could be the answer, allowing truckers to advance in their professions and take on managerial duties with more regularity.

Are Driverless Trucks the Future?

Driverless trucks and other vehicles are actually a lot closer than we might think, and although we cannot ever answer the question ‘will all trucks ever drive themselves’, the answer to the question posed in our title must be a resounding ‘yes’; they have already done so, after all. The advantages of driverless transport have been talked about on a fairly widespread basis already, and in terms of the trucking industry the most attractive benefits are as follows:

Safety – Driverless trucks will not get tired, speed, behave recklessly or generally drive in a less than sensible manner, so (theoretically at least) safety will be vastly improved.

Congestion – Human activity creates hold ups on the roads, and driverless trucks won’t do this. Such trucks could also travel in convoy much more easily, so they really could reduce congestion.

Efficiency – Because driverless trucks won’t speed or change gears poorly, fuel consumption will be decreased, and they will also be able to drive without taking breaks. These two points, among other things, would do wonders for efficiency.

Whether driverless trucks will ever become the norm is currently an impossible question to answer, but even if autonomous trucks do become commonplace, there will still be a need for fuel management systems and effective fuel storage tanks. Here at Fueltek, we can provide both of these solutions and more, and our innovative techniques will remain invaluable in the future,  so contact us now by calling 01254 291391 or emailing support@fueltek.co.uk to find out more.