Real-Life Examples of Fuel Management Success

Investing in on-site fuel management greatly benefits businesses; however, understanding its full impact may prove challenging. By examining real-life cases, you will gain insight into the direct advantages. Here are two success stories exemplifying the rewards of investing in fuel management technology.

Fowler Welch Logistics & Supply Chain

When Fowler Welch approached us for a fuel management system, we were aware of their challenges in maintaining their extensive logistics and supply chain operations. As experts in flexible, reliable, and cost-effective supply chain services, we knew we could help them upgrade their fuel management systems and optimise fuel usage.

The Challenge: Outdated Equipment and Inefficient Fuel Management

Fowler Welch needed to update their ageing system and replace old equipment, as they had recently joined the Culina Group, which already used Fueltek systems. The goal was to fit in with their current operations seamlessly and provide solutions to help identify cost savings and implement best practices for the future.

The Solution: Modern Fuel Management Systems and Hardware

We worked closely with Fowler Welch to upgrade their systems by integrating new equipment and hardware across their ten individual sites. We ensured minimal downtime by coordinating our approach and migrated their existing system to the new one without any interruptions.

As part of the fuel management system package installed at Fowler Welch’s sites, we provided the following systems:

  • FT4000 fuel monitoring system: This integrated fuel pump and fuel management system offers excellent value and accountability features.
  • TankWatch fuel tank monitoring system: This software provides fleet managers with real-time information on stock tank capacity, stock movements, deliveries, and throughputs, making it easy to assess and address any problem areas.

Results: Enhanced Fuel Management and Operations

With the project completed on time and meeting Fowler Welch’s demands and expectations, we provided training and education on the new system. Our focus was on ensuring our clients were well-equipped to manage their fuel consumption and operations efficiently.

With our fuel management solutions in place, Fowler Welch is confident in their capabilities and the fuel systems we installed, helping them become more competitive and efficient in their logistics and supply chain services.

DACHSER UK: Integrated Fuel Management for a Global Logistics Leader

When DACHSER UK sought to improve its fuel management system, it was well aware of the challenges in maintaining its comprehensive logistics operations. An innovative global player in the logistics sector, DACHSER’s primary focus has been on sustainable growth through the establishment of branches and country organisations or acquiring companies that perfectly integrate into their existing network.

The Challenge: Upgrading Facilities and Services

In collaboration with developers, WINVIC, DACHSER UK aimed to progress from a site in Rochdale to a new purpose-built site on the outskirts. This considerable project was executed on a sizable brownfield site. DACHSER selected Fueltek to take over their fuel management supply, given our remarkable track record of delivering quality products installed correctly and on time.

The goal was to create a more environmentally friendly fuel system by using stainless steel lined products, which reduce degradation caused by modern biofuels and other additives. As a result, the product has a longer lifespan compared to conventional alternatives.

The Fueltek Solution: Comprehensive Fuel Management Systems and Fuel Monitoring

We tailored our fuel management solutions to DACHSER UK’s needs by providing the following systems:

  1. Fueltek FS Bunded Fuel Tanks: This secure, safe, and cost-effective fuel storage solution is constructed of high-grade mild steel, fully bunded, and encloses both an inner tank for fuel storage and an outer tank as a watertight bundle with 110% of the inner tank contents’ capacity.
  2. FT4000AP High Dispensing Speed Pump: The FT4000AP combines a forecourt standard fuel pump and a world-class fuel monitoring system in one cabinet. The four-piston displacement meters provide forecourt-level accuracy, and the system caters to specific applications with high delivery speeds and customisable hose and nozzle types.
  3. FT4000AB Pump: The FT4000AB is designed as a simple yet sophisticated fuel management system and combination AdBlue pump. The system incorporates a clear and concise graphics display and a heavy-duty telephone-style keypad with alphanumeric capabilities, ensuring secure and controlled dispensing for commercial transport organisations.
  4. TankWatch Fuel Tank Monitoring System: The TankWatch system monitors the fluid inside the tank using a series of probes, providing a local interface at the storage point and enabling safer fuel deliveries by drivers. This system also delivers early warning of tank leakage and can be used independently or interfaced with Fueltek fuel management systems for comprehensive reporting and management.

Results: Advanced Fuel Management and Seamless Integration

Addressing DACHSER UK’s demands and expectations, we provided the necessary training and education on the new systems, ensuring efficient fuel management and smooth operations. With our fuel management solutions in place, DACHSER UK is confident in its capabilities and can focus on its primary goal: providing exceptional logistics services globally.

Reliable Fuel Management Solutions at Fueltek

We specialise in creating high-grade fuel management systems. Our proficiency extends to designing, instituting, and maintaining complete fuel management packages tailored to your needs.

Trust us to navigate your path towards streamlined and productive fuel management. Browse other success stories in our related case studies, or reach out today and let our systems enhance your business procedures.