Unlocking the Potential of AdBlue and HVO for Commercial Fleets in the New Year

Embracing an eco-conscious business attitude is no longer optional; it’s a necessity. As we look towards next year and beyond, AdBlue and HVO are transforming the efficiency and environmental footprint of any commercial fleet operations.

Accepting these alternative fuel options, alongside effective management solutions like those we offer, is key to unlocking a greener, more eco-conscious, and profitable future for your business. Read on to learn more about why you should be investing in this for the new year.

AdBlue and HVO Reducing Environmental Impact Nationwide

As an experienced fuel management systems provider, we know AdBlue and HVO are pivotal in helping achieve the goal of reducing the environmental impact of commercial fleets.

What Is AdBlue?

AdBlue is a substance designed to reduce the harmful nitrogen oxide (NOX) emissions from diesel engines. AdBlue is stored in a separate tank from the vehicle’s diesel fuel and is released into the hot exhaust stream, where it eliminates the harmful impurities of the missions to leave just nitrogen and water. This has the beneficial result of reducing the exhaust’s impact on the environment.

What Is HVO?

HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil), on the other hand, is an advanced renewable diesel made from waste materials, such as vegetable oils, animal fats, and even industrial waste. Primary, above the many benefits of HVO for commercial fleets, is that its carbon footprint is up to 90% lower than traditional diesel, providing commercial fleets with a truly sustainable alternative.

Commercial Cost Savings and Efficiency Benefits when Investing

HVO doesn’t just help the environment; it brings tangible benefits to your business as well. HVO is renewable and performs similarly to regular diesel, allowing your vehicles to maintain their efficiency, performance, and engine compatibility. Being drop-in compatible with most diesel engines, HVO requires no modifications.

The investment in sustainable fuels delivers long-term savings by reducing maintenance costs and extending vehicle lifespan, thanks to cleaner operations. Additionally, fuel-efficient vehicles often benefit from tax incentives and exemptions, depending on local regulations. By investing in AdBlue and HVO, your business can reap the rewards of prioritising sustainability, benefiting not just the environment but also your bottom line.

The Future With AdBlue and HVO

In 2024 and beyond, sustainability and efficiency will remain at the forefront of commercial fleet operations for many reasons. Growing public concern for the environment, coupled with stricter regulations, drives the shift towards cleaner fuels like HVO or reducing exhaust NOX emissions with AdBlue.

Supporting infrastructure is expanding to make it easier for businesses to incorporate AdBlue and HVO into their daily operations. This evolution facilitates the widespread transition to greener fleet management practices and will dictate what fleet management looks like for the next ten years.

How Fueltek Can Help? – On-Site Fuel Management Package

At Fueltek, we remain focused on giving you the tools necessary to optimise and automate your fuel management processes to meet your environmental and productivity goals. Our team will design and install a bespoke system designed to fulfil your fleet’s needs and meet your business’s required safety compliance.

Our cutting-edge complete fuel management package provides everything your business will need in an integrated system where you will wirelessly monitor the consumption of these stored fuels – from storage to vehicle utilisation – and optimise your fleet operations fuel usage as well as your environmental impact.

Maximising AdBlue and HVO Usage with On-Site Fuel Storage

With on-site AdBlue tanks, you gain better control over both this and your diesel fuel supply simultaneously, but to get the most out of these vital resources, effective fuel monitoring is a requirement. For example, our industry-leading tools, like TankWatch and our FMO, will monitor consumption, schedule preventative maintenance, and make informed decisions on vehicle performance and efficiency. The TankWatch fuel tank monitoring system is always particularly impactful.

On-Site and Secure Fuel Dispensers

We supply diesel fuel pumps for our tanks with advanced security features such as Datatags and Datanozzles engineered for reliability, durability, and precision. Without robust security measures in place, criminals may target fuel storage tanks, siphoning off valuable fuel surreptitiously. Such thefts can go undetected for a substantial period, compromising the business’s financial stability and operational efficiency.

Sustainable Fuel Management Systems at Fueltek

The future of commercial fleets hinges on the successful adoption of sustainable fuels and effective fuel management solutions. By equipping businesses with state-of-the-art fuel management solutions that are compatible with effective eco-fuels and additives that are readily available, you will start 2024 as a cleaner commercial fleet seamlessly and efficiently.

Fueltek stands ready to facilitate your journey towards greener, more cost-effective, and more efficient fleet operations with our HVO and AdBlue tanks and pumps. Contact us directly and find out how our products will get your business off on the right foot next year and beyond.