Stereotypes on the Road

Women Drivers

You’re minding your own business sitting in the service station car park and in rolls a woman driver. You have your doubts, watching her try to park her Ford KA in a busy car park, especially as a line of cars have started queuing up behind her. We all know the stereotype of women drivers, uncertain motorists who can’t handle a ‘man’s’ car with the same efficiency- let’s not discuss the stereotypical parking skills either. The truth behind it is that these stereotypes aren’t true. A study by Privilege Insurance removed the gender stereotypes and proved that women, whether you like it or not, were the better drivers! Out of 50 people, the survey showed that women were more careful and more generous when it came to driving on the roads. Now that may not stop the odd one or two being unable to park straight, but let’s be honest, not all men can park straight either…


If a pensioner is on the road beware; a stereotypical pensioner is labelled as a lane hog and a slow coach who won’t move out of the way of anybody and enjoys taking their time. We wouldn’t let this stereotype delude you, there are some pensioners who are brilliant at driving; after all they’ve had a lot of time to perfect their skills. They know the ins and outs of the roads better than a lot of youths, let’s not forget they’ve more than likely been driving longer than you. According to if you’re over the age of 70, you must have your driving license renewed every three years! So, next time you’re driving from coast to coast and see a pensioner in the outside lane, remove the thought that they’re doing 63 miles per hour on purpose, these people deserve to take their time.


The Midlife Crisis

What’s this speeding up in your mirror? Is it a police car, an ambulance, a fire truck? No, it’s a midlife crisis! Zooming down the middle lane without a care in the world, the hood thrown back on a brand new convertible mini, paintwork untouched and glinting in the dreary sun light. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, you can see a midlife crisis coming a mile away, or at least that’s what this stereotype says. In all honesty, why wouldn’t you splash out and treat yourself to a new vehicle? This time in your life may be a celebration that you’ve finally got money to enjoy. Just because they’re driving a snazzy vehicle doesn’t mean they’re jerks, and let’s be honest, they’re less likely to put themselves in a dangerous situation; their car is their life now after all.


Pass Plus Drivers

Learner drivers are less of a stereotype and more of a fact, but everybody’s got to start somewhere. They may be slow and nervous but think back to when you first started to drive. It’s scary being surrounded by fast moving vehicles and nowhere to turn but forwards. Especially if those vehicles (or their drivers) are rude and stubborn. Still, when there’s a Pass Plus driver around remember to check yourself on all sides before making a move, trust us, they’re more scared of you than you are of them!

Truck Drivers

You may have already been subjected to the trucker stereotyping; rude, crude and dirty middle-aged men, uneducated and looking for a good time when you park up for the night. Where did this stereotype come from? You’ve been on the road for days, of course your home away from home isn’t going to smell of roses and vanilla candles. The only place you can stop on your journey is at a service station and they don’t all serve wholesome meals. As for a good time, do you really have the time and energy for that? After a long day on the road, the most you’re probably looking forward to is a good cup of tea and some sleep.  When it comes to road generosity, you male and female truckers are a decent breed of driver. You give way to the arrogant and the uncertain. You avoid the rear bumpers of the old and the skittish and, let’s be honest, everybody loves it when you beep your horn.

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