Top Five Smart Driving Tips

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Cooling Down a Hot Vehicle

In summer, nothing’s worse than coming back to a hot, stuffy vehicle. The seatbelts burn, the seats are sticky, and for the next few hours you’ll feel like you are driving in a sauna – that is, unless you use this smart driving tip.

This quick and simple hack will help you to cool down your vehicle in under a minute. Start by rolling down all windows all the way. Then, on the passenger side of the vehicle, open and close the door five to ten times. Although this may seem rather strange, this will create circulating air flow that will force trapped hot air out and drop the inside temperature.


Our fuel management systems will always make sure that you never run out of fuel, but if you want to make it go a little bit further and help the environment in the process, there are a few smart driving tips you can do to preserve your fuel.

Hypermiling, also known as energy-efficient driving, is actually becoming increasingly popular with drivers. You can save your fuel by changing a few of your driving habits, such as leaving a good distance between you and the vehicle in front of you so that you can conserve energy that is lost in sudden braking.

Other methods used in hypermiling include increasing engine efficiency and reducing aerodynamic drag, but when you’re on the road your number one priority should always be that you’re driving safely.

Cleaning Headlights

Over time, on-road dirt and debris can make your headlights very cloudy, reducing your visibility when you’re driving at night. Some cleaners don’t quite manage to get the glass as clear and clean as you would want, but this simple smart driving tip will have your headlights looking like new!

Toothpaste – particularly whitening brands – is the perfect thing to use to clean foggy or cloudy headlights. Simply apply toothpaste to the plastic lens cover with a cloth and thoroughly rub all over. Once you have finished, completely rinse off the toothpaste with clean water and dry the lens cover.

Where Did I Park?

There’s an app for that. Yes, it’s true – the long dilemma of trying to find your vehicle in a busy car park is finally over (unless you left your phone in the truck, of course!)

The app iParkedHere can be used indoors or outdoors, and uses GPS, image capturing and notepad software to make sure you’ll never lose sight of your vehicle again. An added benefit is an additional alarm that can be set for when your parking is about to expire – genius!

Where are My Keys?

Constantly losing your keys? We’ve all been there. Missing keys can easily make you late and cause you to feel stressed and frustrated before you head out on the road. However, with this simple gadget, you can say goodbye to those stressful mornings.

‘Key Finders’ are readily available online, and typically come in the form of a key ring and a remote control. When you can’t find your keys, simply press a button on the remote and you will get an indication of where your keys are, either from a flashing light, loud sound or both. Now…where did I put the remote?

We hope you enjoyed reading about these fun smart driving tips and that you’ll be making use of them soon. Remember, when you’re driving, it isn’t just about the hacks, and ensuring that you have things like fuel managed correctly will make your fleet as efficient as possible. For more information, contact us today on 01524 291391.