The Benefits of Eco-Conscious Fuel Management

As the world moves forward, more and more people are understanding the benefits of being environmentally conscious and actively making an effort to lead a more ‘green’ lifestyle. With CO2 emissions being a contributing factor to climate change, we all have a responsibility to ensure that we take every possible step to stop the situation from getting any worse.

The majority of CO2 emissions come from the burning of fossil fuels. Since the 1990s, transport emissions have increased by an immense 45%. Here in the UK, transport contributions to CO2 emissions in 2014 were shown to be worsening when compared to all other sectors where there had been improvements. Transport’s share of emissions rose from 25% to 28%, and HGV’s contribution to transport CO2 emission increased from around 20% to 22%, despite them only making up around 5% of road vehicles.

There are steps you can take to cut back on your CO2 emissions, such as driving in a fuel efficient way or by implementing more efficient fleet management. Here we outline a number of benefits to becoming more eco-conscious regarding fuel management:

A CO2 guage

Lower Negative Impact on the Environment

Probably the most obvious benefit of becoming more eco-conscious is the positive significance for the environment. Carbon emissions are a significant contributor to climate change, which has a range of impacts such as rising temperatures, melting ice caps, the rise in sea-levels and ocean acidification. A company’s fuel management strategy should consider its impact on the environment, and efforts should be made to ensure the business is being as eco-conscious as possible.

Protecting the environment and making attempts to reverse the damage human activity has done should be high on everyone’s list of priorities. Whether it’s individuals making small changes in their lives, or companies implementing efficient fuel management in their businesses.

Save Money

The overall savings you can accumulate from taking steps to go green can add up fast. Driving in more eco-conscious ways can improve your MPG, meaning you do not have to fill up as often and your driver is able to travel much further on a single tank of fuel. If your entire fleet implements fuel-efficient driving, the outcome is an overall reduction in fuel consumption, saving you a significant amount of money on fuel costs each month.

The scale of the savings varies according to certain factors, such as the vehicles you operate, the duties they perform and how your drivers operate them. However, if fuel-efficient driving is thoroughly and consistently implemented across the entire fleet, a company could stand to save an average of 15%; a realistic long-term goal for a fleet might be between 3% to 6%. With environmentally friendly policies not only benefiting the planet but also your pocket, applying them to your company just makes sense.

A Good Look for a Company

As being environmentally conscious is at the forefront of people’s minds, a company that is actively showing that it is committed to the preservation and protection of the environment speaks volumes.

Advertise and shout about how your fleet and business are going green and taking steps to reduce your carbon emissions. Your dedication to a cause that so many people care about and that is rapidly becoming one of the most important issues facing the world today is certain to paint your company in a positive light, improve your reputation and generate business.

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How a Fleet Manager Can Implement Eco-Conscious Policy  

Fleet managers are responsible for considering the environmental impact of their fleet as well as taking appropriate steps to improve driver and vehicle efficiency. This entails everything from ensuring their drivers do not sit idle in a vehicle with the engine running, maintaining correct tyre pressure in all vehicles, reducing the number of gear changes, discouraging erratic driving and excessive breaking, and ensuring their drivers are not speeding.

Switching to diesel-powered vehicles could also help your business be more environmentally conscious. Studies have shown that modern-day, diesel-powered vehicles may actually be better for the environment than their petrol-fuelled counterparts.

At Fueltek, we have products and services that can help your fleet be greener. We have a range of fuel monitoring systems designed to interface with your existing fuel pumps, providing complete control for commercial transport organisations dispensing fuel to vehicles. Our management software allows you to monitor and report facilities online anywhere at any time.

Fuel monitoring systems allow you to streamline your fleet management, ensuring that you are being more fuel efficient and your environmental responsibilities are being met. Contact us at Fueltek for reliable fuel management solutions.