Case Study: LNER & Hitachi

Ensuring fuel is safely stored and properly managed is vital across all transportation industries, and this is no different for the rail sector. Huge savings can be made by simply having efficient and accurate fuel data to hand, and many rail operators have taken steps to install modern fuel management systems in a bid to streamline their fuel consumption. In this case study, we take a closer look at the work we carried out for LNER & Hitachi.

Lner and hitachi

The Brief

LNER & Hitachi (formerly East Coast Main Line) approached Fueltek with a complex brief, but with clear outcomes. LNER passed responsibility for fuelling sites at Craigentinny and Ferme Park on to Hitachi Rail, as part of the handover the project this required co-ordination and a cut off point for reporting on fuel consumption.

LNER required a reliable fuel monitoring system to allow them to accurately report on all fuel usage they were responsible for; the fuel monitoring solution would also be used to enable LNER to make any necessary charges to any other companies who used their fuel. On the other hand, Hitachi required a clear starting point to allow them to start making charges from the right time and date.

In this project, the Fueltek team quickly identified that co-ordination between ourselves, LNER and Hitachi was of paramount importance.


The Fueltek Solution

Fueltek’s fuel management experts set about providing the perfect solution for both LNER and Hitachi based on their collective brief.

LNER had already installed Fueltek equipment comprising of our FT4000 pump controller and our Tankwatch fuel tank monitoring system. Using extensive knowledge and understanding of the rail industry, and using transaction and stock throughput history Fueltek co-ordinated the changeover of ownership at the sites while the sites remained operational. Fueltek correctly apportioned all costs and responsibilities to either LNER or Hitachi, both companies were pleased at the speed and efficiency of the project and were delighted with the outcome. Full ownership has now passed to Hitachi and LNER cannot access the system any longer.

Fueltek Tankwatch

Fueltek Continue Building Relationships Within The Rail Industry

Fueltek have on-going relationships with a whole host of rail operators across the UK, including LNER, Hitachi, Arriva and have installations at York, Scarborough, Newton Heath, Neville Hill, Norwich Crown point, Banbury, Liverpool and Sheffield, amongst others

Fueltek’s Managing Director, Martin Devine, said: “Fueltek have become a specialist provider to the rail industry over the last few years. The industry requires a specialist approach and particular attention to safety and quality of equipment.”

The team here at Fueltek are pleased with the end result of this project and look forward to carrying out more work within the rail industry over the coming years. All of our staff take great pride in providing efficient and cost-effective fuel management services to companies across the country.

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