How to Increase Fleet Recruitment

Over the past few years, there has been an apparent lack of HGV drivers for the distribution of stock and other essential items. This drop in numbers is due to a number of reasons.

Firstly, and most recently, the pandemic has played a huge role. The cancellation of HGV driving tests prevented suitable drivers from being able to take the necessary tests to qualify. In addition, after the pandemic restrictions were lifted, there was such a backlog that has continued to cause issues in the field.

Another significant factor was the overall recruitment of drivers. Trucking and distribution seemed to be a career that didn’t appeal to many, making it harder to find new candidates for the roles as the previous generation began to retire.

This shortage is becoming less noticeable but is still a significant worry amongst many companies. With so much connection to the industry with our highly sought-after fuel monitoring systems, we’ve explored how you can increase the recruitment of your fleet.


A more popular route into a career in fleet management is through an apprenticeship. This scheme offers hands-on experience whilst learning. It provides many benefits to both apprentice and employer and is the best way to sculpt the next generation of significant goods vehicle drivers.

Apprentices offer the chance of higher employee retention, and statistics show that employees founded through an apprenticeship scheme are more likely to remain loyal to the company that helped them grow into their desired career. Although they may offer little knowledge in the field, apprentices can learn the business from the bottom up, offering valuable skills as they develop into significant employees. You can also mould the employee to your business’s customised way of working. With little experience, an apprentice will be learning things for the first time with you, so there are fewer chances of previous experience conflicting with your operations.

There are colleges and apprenticeship schemes accessible nationwide which will help you find the right candidate(s) for your business. If you do not have a college local to your depo, look online for the nearest training centre, which will direct you to where you need to go.

Sponsor Your Drivers

Often seeking candidates is challenging. By reducing the requirements and making an entry-level position, you broaden your scope into finding the right personality to fit the role. Whilst hiring immediate drivers may be beneficial short term, and if they don’t quite match the nature of your brand, staff retention rates could end up being low. Finding the right person without the necessary skills will reduce staff turnover, and you will find a better quality workforce.

You can use driver training centres to fill the skill gap needed for the role. Most companies’ most significant worry when providing free on-the-job training and exams is the experience of staff using the free exercise to find employment elsewhere. However, if you are worried about investing in an employee and them leaving almost immediately, it is possible to prevent this with their employment contract. Many employers stipulate a required amount of years of service once training has been completed. If an employee wishes to leave during this time, you can direct payment to cover the training and exams. This has proven successful in many trades and protects employers from losing out on valuable skills they have paid for. For efficient contracts of employment, it is always ideal to speak to someone from a legal capacity.

Build a Community of Drivers

The trucking community has been an establishment that has gone on for many years. This community has a deep-rooted understanding of what it means to be a lorry driver and embracing this can offer your drivers an asset to working with your company. Working long hours on the road provides an experience that other trades and careers don’t offer.

However, as a person in a management role, it can be challenging to work out how to employ this state of community within your workforce. However, as a manager or recruitment specialist, you can use your networking skills to encourage your drivers to mix with others. Set up a designated day dedicated to your drivers, working with them to provide a buffet-style feast and invite speakers and other companies who may also be interested in networking. This can help encourage drivers to meet others on the road and provide a space where they can share stories, provide each other with tips and feel a sense of belonging.

Support Your Drivers

Although it goes without saying, a happy driver will give your business a valuable asset. Keep in touch with your drivers and the issues that they regularly face. It will create a harmonious work environment, spreading through word of mouth if they feel like they are being heard.

Offer them incentives and milestones and provide them with career growth opportunities. Creating a sense of achievement will make your drivers feel compelled to work harder and be loyal to your company. If you take care of your staff, your staff will take care of your business. Although this may be an overused quote, it remains true. Happy staff will reflect their content through their work and will encourage others to do the same.  This can lead to a positive reputation for your business and will be appealing to future employees.

Efficiency can also help support your drivers. Less time waiting and idling will reduce the frustration of your drivers. You can eliminate a lot of waiting with our fuel management systems. Streamline the fueling-up process and let your drivers enjoy being on the road for longer. Contact us today for more information on improving your driver’s experience on the open road.