Is Fuel Management Suitable for Small Fleets?

It’s a big question for a small fleet; whether you should be considering investing in a fuel management system or spending your money in other areas, but in almost every situation, the security of your fuel will prove to be more than enough reason for any company to invest in one of our fuel storage tanks.

In this article, we look at the benefits of implementing fuel management systems for your fleet.

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Real-Time Information

For many companies, access to real-time information on their fleet and their fuel consumption is a key turning point towards their decision to purchase a fuel management system. Real-time information allows fleets to get smarter about how and where they are spending money and how they are treating staff and drivers.

Automation Saves Resources

By automating your fuel management, you will be saving on human resources as management staff will be able to turn their attention to other sections of your business. Previous tasks such as taking stock counts will no longer exist because your new fuel management system will be able to provide you with precise numbers 24/7 by using our apps which are connected to your fuel supplies. Industry 4.0 and the internet of things is on the horizon; by purchasing a fuel management system, you will be engaging with the latest technology and staying ahead of your competitors.

Complete Trust

When you buy a fuel management system, you are investing in a happier future for your company. Troubles with fuel theft and mistrust within fleet management are nothing to be ashamed of, but it is something that every fleet should try to move on from. You can achieve this with a fuel management system by removing any traces of doubt between you and your co-workers because our systems make it exceedingly difficult for thieves – or employees – to steal company fuel.

By trusting in our technology, the staff in your company will be able to thrive together, no longer doubting one another of fuel theft, nor having to worry about human error in stock taking. A machine is impartial and precise, meaning that no-one will ever be blamed for making mistakes during a stock-take ever again.

In any small company, including fleets, trust amongst employees is paramount to success so the purchase of a fuel management system for a small fleet could be very powerful if your company needs a boost.

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Easy to Use

Our interfaces and apps are developed with you in mind, so you won’t need a tech-wizard on your team to teach your business how to use our systems or supporting software. We designed every aspect to be robust so that both our physical products and our software programmes will hold up for years to come.

Extra Equipment

You might currently be feeling assured that our fuel management services are applicable to your company, but what about the rest of our products? In this section, we talk you through our other products and why they are also suitable for smaller fleets.

  • Fuel Pumps

We offer a range of fuel pumps that can dispense diesel, gas, oil and even adblue. Our diesel fuel pumps can be purchased as a standalone feature or connected to a fuel management system. If you are interested in purchasing a fuel management system with us but would first like to experience our customer service, you can purchase one of our fuel pumps now and a fuel management system later down the line, as our pumps are designed to easily connect with fuel management systems.

Our pumps are hard wearing and will endure years of service, saving you the hassle of having to replace second-rate fixtures.

  • Fuel Storage Tanks

Our fuel storage tanks are perfect for a small business in need of some extra security and we can even bespoke manufacture your tank to match any shape or size requirements. Like our pumps, our tanks are made to last, and they even come with a 20-year manufacturer’s guarantee.

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In conclusion, a fuel management service can be beneficial for fleets of all sizes because they let you stay aware of the current status of fuel reserves within your company, eliminate human error, reduce waste and increase efficiency. With Fueltek, you will be investing in sturdy equipment that will make your company stronger for the future.