Onsite Fuel Benefits for the Trades

Large commercial fleets rely on onsite fuel storage to manage their fuel efficiency effectively, but how does it benefit smaller businesses? Smaller businesses that rely on vehicles may think that onsite fuel storage is unnecessary as they can rely on public stations for their needs, but with erratic changes in fuel prices and longer queues, can your business depend on them?

Onsite fuel storage provides many benefits for businesses of any size; investing in this helpful solution optimises your fuel usage and gives you access to wholesale fuel prices.

fuel for trades

Why Buy Wholesale?

Wholesale fuel is separate from the fuel the public buys at fuel stations and can be bought in larger batches at lower prices. Whether your trade involves holiday tours, transportation, deliveries or emergency maintenance services, buying fuel wholesale provides significant savings compared to relying on forecourt prices.

Increased Fuel Efficiency

Wholesale fuel is purchased in large batches to be used as you see fit; once your chosen supplier has completed a delivery, you will have access to this essential resource 24/7 at your base of operations. This eliminates the need to plan trips to public stations and accounts for the extended work times when waiting in public lines.

Maintaining a high fuel efficiency level is vital for getting the most out of your fuel. When it is bought at reduced wholesale prices, you will see a remarkable reduction in your business’s fuel expenses. Fuel usage will also be easier to optimise when using your own supply.

Competitive Pricing

Apart from the initial price reductions that come with purchasing fuel wholesale, there is always the possibility of further reductions due to competitive pricing. Suppliers will offer different services and plans to attract more businesses to choose them instead of their competitors. Offers such as rate-locked pricing will help your business avoid the fluctuating fuel prices the public has to deal with throughout the year. Offers like this create many opportunities for savvy purchasers to find a perfect plan to suit their needs.

To embrace the cost-effective benefits of wholesale fuel, you need to invest in safe, reliable fuel storage. Onsite fuel storage eliminates these hassles and creates a permanent, improved, reliable solution where your driver is always the first in the queue. You can plan exactly how much is needed for the job.

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How to Benefit From Onsite Fuel?

Bunded Fuel Tanks

Our bunded fuel tanks are a highly effective solution for onsite fuel storage, providing safety and security for your newly purchased wholesale fuel. A bunded tank is a tank within a tank and can be customised into litres or gallons to suit the client’s needs. The bund provides essential safety for your workers, facility and the environment by eliminating the risk of leaking fuel. Our expert team will install these tanks onsite at a safe but easily accessible location.

bunded fuel tanks

Onsite Diesel Fuel Pumps

Diesel Fuel Pumps are required to retrieve your fuel, at Fueltek, we offer a superior option connected to your fuel monitoring system, providing invaluable usage data. The pumps we supply are manufactured with high-quality stainless steel and display sealed ¼ VGA displays to withstand any weather conditions all year round. In addition, they are equipped with lockable front doors to increase the security of your pumps. Both our tanks and pumps come with a 20-year manufacturer guarantee and will provide effective refuelling services consistently.

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Online Fuel Monitoring

Once you have these two, monitoring the fuel dispensing is vital to get that desired efficiency. Our systems create an interconnected web of data from your storage tanks being filled through to dispensing and usage by drivers during daily work. For example, the contents of your tanks will be monitored with our Tankwatch fuel tank monitoring system and its integrated contents gauge, bund leak and overfill alarm. This remotely monitored system also increases your security on your vital resource, as any unauthorised use will be alerted immediately.

What About Fuel Cards?

Some businesses will attempt to create a middle ground by choosing fuel cards purchased at wholesale price but require you to fill up at a public fuel station. Unfortunately, this seemingly positive choice comes with significant negatives that come to light after long-term use.

By not investing in an onsite fuel system, you depend on the same stations the public uses. This adds varying time to every job as the driver must wait with the public to fill up. It also adds the logistical issue of finding appropriate stations along your route, which is challenging if your drivers cover a large area.

Complete Fuel Management Packages From Fueltek

At Fueltek, we have many years of experience supplying customised fuel management systems to a broad range of businesses, SMEs and large fleets. Our team consists of specialists that will work closely with you to meet your business’s needs whilst adhering to essential safety compliance. Contact us today, and discover how your business’s expenses can be reduced by investing in our effective onsite fuel storage systems.