Tales from the Road: Trucking Stories

Great Wheels of Fire

One driver tells the story of a job when he was driving through the Colorado mountains, winding his way very carefully and slowly through the twisting roads. Another truck came flying past him and as he passed, the driver noticed that the other truck’s trailer brakes were literally on fire!

Driver number one grabbed his radio mic and called out to the other driver, “Hey driver! Your brakes are on fire! I mean literally on fire!” The response came back with a very cool and simple, “I know.”

As the first driver reached the base of the mountain, he expected to see a blazing wreck, but instead found a discarded fire extinguisher!

Making a Mess

Another story comes from the Rocky Mountains when a driver had a shipment of whipped cream to deliver. He looked at the route he was given and decided that he could take a different route to save some time.

On the other side of the mountain, the driver stopped for something to eat and decided to check on his cargo. What he didn’t expect to find was a trailer covered in whipped cream – turns out that the alternative route he chose was at such an altitude that the whipped cream containers exploded!

A Fiery Tale

Our next story comes from a driver who had the bad luck of having a can of ether crack open behind him which then sprayed all over the battery box, causing the truck to set alight as he was driving. He downshifted to allow the truck to slow down and aimed towards an open field just off the road.

He then proceeded to jump out of the truck and chase after it as it started to drive a circle in the field. He opened the side hatch and managed to grab his fire extinguisher which he used to put the fire out himself – what a hero!

Guardian Angels

Our last story comes from a former trucker who was driving his family car with his kids asleep in the back. Working his way down the winding roads at 1am, a trucker driving the opposite direction flashed the car with his headlights in a gesture of warning.

The driver knew that this was a warning to reduce his speed and pay attention to the road ahead. When a sudden bend came up, he discovered what it was the trucker was trying to warn him of: a large moose was sat in the middle of his lane! Because he had already reduced his speed, he was able to easily avoid the animal and averted a disaster.

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