The Benefits of Using HVO as a Renewable Diesel Fuel for Commercial Fleets

In today’s environmentally conscious world, vehicle-focused businesses are increasingly seeking sustainable solutions to reduce their carbon footprint, optimise fuel usage, and comply with changing NetZero 2050 requirements.

One popular solution is to invest in environmentally friendly alternative fuels such as HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil). Read on to explore the benefits of how onsite HVO fuel management will support your business as much as it helps the environment.

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What Is HVO?

HVO is a renewable diesel-like fuel derived from processing renewable waste lipids through hydrotreating. HVO has gained popularity as a sustainable alternative to fossil-derived diesel fuel. It reduces greenhouse gas emissions and can be used in diesel engines without modifications. Without a doubt, HVO is the future of diesel fuel for commercial fleets.

How HVO Helps Commercial Fleets

Reduced Fleet Carbon Emissions

HVO is a low-carbon fuel that generates significantly lower CO2 emissions than conventional diesel. HVO contributes to environmental preservation and combating climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, renewable fuels like HVO may make businesses eligible for financial incentives and tax breaks, further enhancing the economic benefits.

Improved Urban Air Quality

HVO contributes to improved air quality. This renewable fuel has lower levels of harmful pollutants such as nitrogen oxides (NOx) and particulate matter (PM). Using HVO, we can enjoy cleaner air, leading to better public health and a healthier environment.

Impressively Efficient Fuel Source

One of the notable advantages of using HVO is the potential for cost savings. HVO has a higher energy content, resulting in improved fuel efficiency and reduced fuel consumption for commercial fleets. As a result, businesses can potentially achieve significant cost savings on fuel expenses.

In terms of engine performance, HVO demonstrates similarities to conventional diesel. It offers excellent compatibility and performs seamlessly in engines. Additionally, using HVO can reduce engine wear and improve lubricity, ensuring optimal engine performance and prolonging engine life. HVO also exhibits improved performance in cold weather conditions, making it suitable for a wide range of operating environments and a great choice to combat the hidden costs of commercial fleet management.

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Challenges When Investing in HVO for Your Fleet

Despite the advantages, commercial fleets face several challenges when investing in HVO as a vehicle fuel source. One of the main obstacles is the initial cost of retrofitting their fleets to be compatible with HVO. While HVO offers long-term cost savings, transitioning to a new fuel source requires considerable investments.

Another challenge is the availability of HVO. Unlike traditional diesel, HVO is less widely available in fuelling stations, which could affect refuelling schedules and logistics. Consequently, the limited availability of HVO may present challenges to managing commercial fleet operations.

Additionally, due to fuel quality and storage concerns, businesses might hesitate to invest in HVO. HVO requires adherence to specific storage and handling requirements to maintain its quality. Therefore, investment in proper storage and handling facilities must be accounted for, and staff must be adequately trained to handle HVO safely.

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Solution: Onsite Fuel Storage

Onsite fuel storage offers a practical solution to many challenges associated with adopting HVO as a fuel source for commercial fleets.

By installing secure onsite fuel storage facilities, fleets reduce the logistics and costs associated with fuel procurement from off-site fuelling stations, ensuring fuel availability and efficient operations. Additionally, installing onsite fuel storage facilities ensures fuel quality and adherence to safety regulations, as the storage and handling requirements for HVO must be kept to preserve its integrity.

By investing in onsite fuel storage with fuel management systems and bunded tanks, fleets can eliminate the choices of fuel logistics, maintain fuel quality, and optimise operational efficiency, making HVO adoption a more viable and practical option for commercial fleets.

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What Are Bunded Fuel Tanks?

Bunded fuel tanks are specifically designed to supply reliable and safe storage for fuels such as diesel, HVO and additives such as AdBlue. These tanks consist of an inner tank that holds the fuel and an outer layer that acts as a protective barrier. The space between the inner and outer layer, known as the bund, serves as a secondary containment system, preventing leaks and spills from contaminating the environment.

Advantages of Bunded Fuel Tanks:

Bunded fuel tanks provide many significant advantages for commercial fleet owners, including decreasing fuel costs whilst increasing safety and environmental protection.

Zero Environmental Contamination

Compared to single-walled tanks, bunded fuel tanks offer a higher level of safety due to their secondary containment feature. This feature safeguards against fuel leaks and spills, protecting the surroundings from harm. Businesses avoid costly clean-up procedures and possible fines for environmental damage by preventing fuel leaks.

Wholesale Fuel Purchases

Commercial fleet managers can save significant fuel costs by using bunded fuel tanks with wholesale fuel purchases.

Bunded fuel tanks provide secure onsite fuel storage, allowing fleet managers to take advantage of bulk fuel purchases at wholesale prices. By buying fuel in larger quantities, fleet managers can benefit from lower per-unit costs, resulting in substantial savings over time.

With the ability to store and access fuel conveniently, fleet managers can optimise fuel usage and minimise downtime associated with refuelling. This efficient fuel management strategy empowers commercial fleet managers to reduce fuel costs and optimise their budget allocation.

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Onsite Fuel Storage Solutions by Fueltek

At Fueltek, we’ve seen firsthand the advantages of investing in onsite fuel storage options and combining them with eco-fuel like HVO or additives like AdBlue. Our ability allows us to create customised solutions that give businesses the uninterrupted fuel access they need whilst supporting their sustainability initiatives.

Our complete fuel management package for businesses optimises fuel usage, reduces the risk of environmental contamination by fuel leaks and stores multiple products such as HVO. By partnering with us, you take full advantage of quality equipment and solutions to demonstrate your commitment to sustainable practices.

Contact us to discover what other ways we will aid your business.