Winter Tips for Truckers

The winter season is a challenging time for the HGV sector as the combination of worse weather and increased activity creates too many opportunities for accidents. As a result, it’s 20% more likely that vehicles will be in an accident … Continue reading

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Defining Fuel Monitoring and Fuel Management

Commercial vehicle refuelling is an integral part of many business operations, both large and small. Many industries rely on fuel management to keep costs down whilst remaining efficient and operating smoothly, but what that fuel management looks like will differ … Continue reading

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The Biggest Challenges Facing Fleet Managers in 2022

At Fueltek, we are specialists in commercial vehicle re-fuelling solutions, and we understand the struggles that vehicle fleet managers need to solve each year. Of course, every business will strive to balance its expenses with its profits to improve and … Continue reading

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Metrics Fleet Managers Can Use to Track Fleet Maintenance and Expenses

Detailed monitoring of your vehicle’s condition and expenses is essential when running a successful fleet, but that can be easier said than done. By employing various metrics in your regular monitoring process, you’ll be able to address any issues and … Continue reading

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Which Fuels Can Be Used with Our Fuel Management Systems

When it comes to keeping commercial vehicles on the road and moving, fleet managers have several types of fuel to choose from. Every fuel has its own strengths and weaknesses that make it either more or less suitable for a … Continue reading

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A Focus On: Diesel Fuel Pumps

Fueltek has many years of experience designing, manufacturing, and delivering monitoring systems and dispensing pumps to various sectors. Our experience and wealth of knowledge allow us to understand everything there is to know about managing on-site fuel, fuel effectively, correct … Continue reading

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Safe Refuelling Checklist

Having safe and secure on-site fuel storage and dispensing equipment is essential for efficient fleet management, but it’s also important that employees are trained in safe refuelling procedures. Refuelling is a common but potentially dangerous task, and when handled or … Continue reading

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A Focus On: FT4000 Fuel Monitoring Systems

At Fueltek, we design, develop, manufacture all our products in house. From conception to installation, we know everything there is to know about every aspect of our fuel management systems – and we’d like to share that knowledge with you. … Continue reading

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Could You Be The Victim of Fuel Theft? (Infographic)

Fuel theft is a common issue for many fleet businesses across the UK, with over 67% of all reported fuel theft coming from a commercial setting. Whilst some businesses are aware of fuel theft taking place from their fuel storage … Continue reading

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