How to Be a More Sustainable Fleet

Preserving our environment for present and future generations is why sustainability is important. Thanks to initiatives like the NetZero 2050 strategy, the UK economy is choosing more environmentally friendly processes and tools to create a greener future. Fleet managers are … Continue reading

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What Can Fleet Managers Expect From 2023

Fleet managers have overcome significant challenges over the past few years, but with 2022 far behind us and the new financial year close, all businesses wonder what 2023 will be like for the sector. Anticipating challenges is the best way … Continue reading

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Types of Costs in Fleet Fuel Management?

Commercial fleet managers constantly struggle to balance expenses from many sources to maintain a profitable business. An optimised business with streamlined costs will have a more significant advantage within this competitive field, so fleet managers must identify unnecessary costs and … Continue reading

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Fuel Management Strategies

Monitoring your resources is an essential element when managing a commercial business, and for commercial fleets, there is one resource more vital than any other, diesel fuel. Your business will simply stop without enough fuel to conduct your planned daily … Continue reading

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HGV Fuel Price Predictions for 2023

Rising fuel prices are a constant concern for commercial fleet managers as they explore ways to reduce company expenses. Unfortunately, recent years have seen many erratic changes in fuel prices, with staggeringly high increases creating significant challenges for fleet managers. … Continue reading

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Why Fleet Management Is a Great Investment in 2023

With business running costs increasing during 2022, all managers are exploring new ways of optimising work efficiency, increasing productivity and reducing costs. This is also true for commercial HGV companies, transport and logistics, which are all negatively affected by rising … Continue reading

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What Is Telematics and How Can They Improve With Onsite Fuel Monitoring?

The fuel that runs your business fleet of commercial vehicles is a vital resource that must be managed efficiently. Most companies will reduce their fuel costs with wholesale fuel purchases that are safely stored in onsite tanks that are portioned … Continue reading

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Fuel Management in Fleet Management

As a fleet manager, whether it is a handful of arctics or hundreds of transits, making sure they are being used optimally is essential. We explore the importance of fuel management and why it should be well-established within your entire … Continue reading

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How to Increase Fleet Recruitment

Over the past few years, there has been an apparent lack of HGV drivers for the distribution of stock and other essential items. This drop in numbers is due to a number of reasons. Firstly, and most recently, the pandemic … Continue reading

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Optimise Your Route to Benefit the Environment

Reducing your fleet’s impact on the environment is a crucial issue for many commercial fleet owners as the UK moves towards a green economy. The challenge with this is finding ways to improve your sustainability without sacrificing your company’s productivity … Continue reading

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Onsite Fuel Benefits for the Trades

Large commercial fleets rely on onsite fuel storage to manage their fuel efficiency effectively, but how does it benefit smaller businesses? Smaller businesses that rely on vehicles may think that onsite fuel storage is unnecessary as they can rely on … Continue reading

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Fleet Management Trends 2023

Fleet management is a complex task that constantly needs to be updated to meet current challenges. Running a commercial fleet will require balancing many factors to maintain productive operations, and embracing technology is the best way to achieve that. In … Continue reading

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Improving Your Fleets Sustainability

Sustainability is a crucial issue that needs to be addressed at every level of business to be effective, including transportation. An increasing number of countries are joining the same path as the UK and investing in greener economies. In support … Continue reading

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2023 Predictions for Fleet Managers

2022 has been a challenging year for fleet managers. From industry shortages, strikes, steep inflation and protests, saying goodbye to this year is welcome news for many leaders in the trucking and distribution industry. We explore the events which have … Continue reading

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Winter Tips for Truckers

The winter season is a challenging time for the HGV sector as the combination of worse weather and increased activity creates too many opportunities for accidents. As a result, it’s 20% more likely that vehicles will be in an accident … Continue reading

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Fleet Management For Extreme Weather

Extreme weathers are typical in winter, from bitter cold climates to fierce gale-force winds. All these will significantly impact your fleet of vehicles, no matter how big or small. With high fuel and living costs, trying to be more efficient … Continue reading

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Meeting Seasonal Demands With Fleet Management

With Christmas fast approaching, it’s not unusual to start seeing an increase in lorries and vans on the roads. A lot of this extra traffic is delivery drivers tasked with ensuring our all-important Christmas shopping is delivered on time. Are … Continue reading

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Fleet Optimisation to Save Fuel

Fuel is the most vital resource for any haulage or transport fleet and must be monitored carefully by all fleet managers. Investing in on-site fuel tanks and buying wholesale can improve a fleet’s ability to acquire fuel at reduced prices. … Continue reading

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Safety Precautions for Diesel Storage

Diesel fuel is an essential resource for many businesses across the nation. Hundreds of companies need an ample supply of this vital fuel to run their operations, whether it’s fuelling generators, running industrial machinery or supplying their commercial delivery fleets. … Continue reading

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How Fuel Management Reduces Operating Costs

Ensuring your fleet has enough fuel to operate at total capacity constantly is a frequent goal for any fleet manager. Unfortunately, this can lead to fuel being the most significant expense for your fleet operations. Fleet management will provide considerable … Continue reading

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