Solutions for Top Fleet Management Problems

Fleet management is a demanding job, so don’t be afraid to admit when things go wrong; instead, learn about how you can solve them with us. Continue reading

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How Fuel Management Has Transformed the Fleet Industry

Throughout the 21st-century new technology has come on in leaps and bounds, which has led to businesses from every sector completely changing the way they work. This is no different for the fleet industry, as technological developments have revolutionised the … Continue reading

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Will the Electric Revolution Hit Fleet Management?

The electric revolution is coming, but at what speed? Whilst there is no doubt that electric-powered vehicles are trickling onto our roads, it has been a long and arduous process to get to the position we find ourselves in today. … Continue reading

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How to Reduce Fatigue in Fleet Driving

As a fleet manager, it’s your job to take responsibility for your vehicles as well as your employees, especially when it comes to their health and safety. However, a lot of employers fail to discuss how to avoid driving when … Continue reading

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What Could Connected Vehicle Technology Mean for Drivers?

Connected Vehicle Technology is the latest step in driverless vehicle technology. As the name suggests, it is all about connecting vehicles, though not through any physical means. The connection between these vehicles is wireless, and usually internet-based. The technology certainly … Continue reading

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How To Best Store Your Fuel

Fuel is a precious commodity in the fleet management business, so ensuring you store it in the safest way possible is vital to your company’s success. Preventing any fuel spoilage, loss or theft should be high on the list of … Continue reading

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Routes: Planning, Tracking and Considerations for Fleet Managers

As a fleet manager, ensuring your fleet are always taking the most time- and fuel-efficient routes possible to all of their drop-off points is absolutely vital. While it can be tempting to simply let your drivers have the freedom to … Continue reading

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How Will Technology Impact the Future of Fleet Management?

As we move toward greater reliance on technology, it’s interesting to see how it continues to shape our lives and influence our approach to established methods of management. Fleet management is one of many industries that is being transformed by … Continue reading

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Prepping Your Fleet

As a fleet manager, maintaining the safety of your fleet is essential. This includes both your vehicles and drivers; failing to do so can lead to severe consequences. It is vital that you prepare your fleet for the transportation industry, … Continue reading

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How SMEs in the Fleet Management Industry Can Cut Costs

Fleet managers at small to medium-sized enterprises, spend a lot of time implementing fleet administration. With the rising costs of fuel and the current economic climate, it is now more important than ever for SMEs to implement effective fleet management … Continue reading

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The Benefits of Fuel and Fleet Management Systems

The slight upwards revision of UK growth figures from 0.1% to 0.2% for the first quarter of 2018 by the Office for National Statistics might on the face of it signal positivity, yet the reality shows there remain stark warnings … Continue reading

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How Heat Can Affect Fuel Management

Fuel prices in the UK have been steadily increasing since the start of 2016 and have soared since the turn of 2018, with May seeing the price of a litre of fuel increase by 6 pence – more than any … Continue reading

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Case Study: Godolphin

Godolphin, the global thoroughbred and horseracing team, was founded by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. Originating in Dubai, where a passion for horses has grown as rapidly as the city, Godolphin later branched out to the UK … Continue reading

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The Benefits of Eco-Conscious Fuel Management

As the world moves forward, more and more people are understanding the benefits of being environmentally conscious and actively making an effort to lead a more ‘green’ lifestyle. With CO2 emissions being a contributing factor to climate change, we all … Continue reading

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Automation & What That Means for Fleet Managers

In all industries, varying ways of streamlining processes to benefit costs and productivity are always being sought. In larger companies, such as manufacturers or in the technology sector, ensuring that processes are being performed in the best and most efficient … Continue reading

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Brexit Considerations for the Fleet Industry

The topic of Brexit has been unavoidable in the UK over the past 2 years. Since the landmark vote was passed on 23rd June 2016, much uncertainty has surrounded the issue, with many industries eagerly awaiting new trade legislation to … Continue reading

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The Role of Fleet Managers in 2018

Fleet management has no doubt evolved over the years, which has, in turn, meant the role of the fleet manager has changed. We are well into 2018 now and with new alterations in legislation and alternative fuels coming into play, … Continue reading

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Bunded Fuel Tanks Across All Industries

Bunded tanks are considered one of the safest fuel options for businesses. At Fueltek, our FS bunded fuel tanks are a secure, safe and cost-effective way of storing fuel onsite. As a fleet manager, ensuring your fuel is stored securely … Continue reading

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What We Learned from the Commercial Vehicle Show 2018

The Commercial Vehicle Show is the largest and most comprehensive road transport and commercial vehicle event in the whole of Britain. It provides operators of commercial vehicles, from trucks to vans, with a multitude of choices which can’t be found … Continue reading

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5 Ways Fleet Managers Can Reduce Costs

Fleet managers will be all too aware that running a fleet can be an incredibly expensive business. The cost of fuel, vehicle maintenance and staff all add up, so you may be looking for ways in which you can save … Continue reading

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