Tales from the Road: Female Truckers

Currently, only 1% of truck drivers are women with a further 1% under the age of 25. That leaves the majority of truck drivers around the average age of 51 with 48,000 active license holders to retire in the next 5 years! This staggering shortage in drivers has meant that the industry has had to branch out, become more gender friendly and has needed to entice and retain its young drivers. This, is where Horsepower comes in.

Back in 2014 Horsepower, a HGV and LGV training centre targeting young men and women alike, opened its car doors to young, bright eyed truck drivers for the very first time. Led by the inspirational Nathalie Axon and Jan Carter, Horsepower claims to take a different, more effective stand when it comes to training up new HGV and LGV drivers.

Previously training to become a truck driver focused on the driving skills and how to actually obtain a license. Though this is an important part of the job (you can’t really become a truck driver if you can’t drive an actual truck) it fell short in preparing young drivers for the hardship of the industry. Becoming industry savvy is this driving school’s aim.

One issue women have had in general is dealing with their stereotypical male counter parts. Their set ways and thinking has created a look for truck drivers we know isn’t true!  This stereotyping, however, has unintentionally turned a lot of young people away from the roaming life of the open road.

Axon and Carter, however, have tailored their revolutionary HGV school to accommodate for young people training. Through their own experience as HGV and LGV drivers, they have found that training for your C+E license doesn’t always resemble actual working equipment, this can ultimately leave new drivers floundering when it comes to safely and securely working said equipment. They aim to provide a safe working practice to solidify the knowledge young drivers have learnt of trucks, trailers and how they’re operated.

By combining theory and practice with classroom modules and hands-on participation amongst experienced HGV drivers, Axon and Carter have started up a unique and open truck driving school for both young men and women focusing on the many advantages of becoming a truck driver. From reassuring candidates of spacious truck cabins and eliminating the idea of living in your truck day in and day out, Axon and Carter have worked very well to entice and encourage “new blood” into the ranks of truck drivers across the country.

“I firmly believe an overhaul in the way we attract and train ‘new blood’ is long overdue” says Peter Dempsey in regards to Horsepower, “This is a positive step to promoting future growth and sustainability in the transport industry.”

We have to admit that we agree, in creating a more inviting atmosphere for younger drivers the trucking industry can carry on trucking with little fear of seeing an even greater decline in drivers behind the wheel. There are many ways how you, as an employer, can keep a protective eye on your the latest addition to your trucking family, one of which is by installing ingenious fuel management systems to help you, and your employees, know just how much fuel is being consumed on your average run.

A new member of any team is exciting for all present, it’s your job as a fantastic boss to help them feel welcomed and to teach them the ropes so that both they, and your business, can grow. If you have any questions or would like to know more about how we can help you, contact us on 01254 291391 and a member of our team will be more than happy to help.