Which Fuels Can Be Used with Our Fuel Management Systems

When it comes to keeping commercial vehicles on the road and moving, fleet managers have several types of fuel to choose from. Every fuel has its own strengths and weaknesses that make it either more or less suitable for a fleet depending on the demands of the business.

At Fueltek, we understand that fuel is not a one-size-fits-all situation, so we design all our fuel monitoring, dispensing and storage solutions to be compatible with a wide range of fuels. In doing so, we ensure that every size and type of fleet can get the fuel management support they need to stay efficient.

different types of fuel

Choosing the Right Fuel for a Fleet

Determining which fuel is the right for a particular fleet is essential to improve vehicle efficiency, manage fuel usage and meet individual business needs. For example, a HGV fleet regularly making long-haul trips will have different demands than a fleet of vans mostly navigating short, urban routes. The fuel a fleet runs on will have a direct impact on:

Fuel Economy – This can be impacted by factors such as who is driving the vehicles, where they are being used and what they’re being used for.

Emissions – Selecting the right fuel for a particular fleet can go a long way to minimising emissions.

Regulations and Changes in Law – As rules change regarding certain types of fuel, fleets may need to pivot to an alternative that best fits their operation whilst complying with new regulations.



Petrol is the most common fuel in the UK, and there are over 18.5 million petrol registered vehicles in the country. In terms of fuel dispensing, it tends to be cheaper than diesel and is becoming more eco-friendly thanks to the addition of bioethanol to the fuel itself, and petrol vehicles are being manufactured with fewer cylinders and additional features like turbochargers.

On the surface, petrol seems like the front runner in terms of fuel economy. Petrol engines take less time to warm up than their diesel counterparts, so for many fleets operating over shorter distances or in urban environments, it may well be the best option available. Fueltek’s fuel monitoring range can support any fleet dispensing petrol on-site, with fit-for-purpose fuel management solutions that give fleets complete control of their petrol usage.


Petrol might be the most popular fuel in the UK, but diesel has been dominant for many years amongst fleet owners. This is because diesel vehicles traditionally have a longer lifespan and, over long distances, offer improved fuel consumption over petrol engines. As a result, diesel is the obvious economical choice for businesses who rely on long-distance journeys to move goods or people around the country or are fueling heavy, powerful vehicles like HGVs and industrial machinery.

Maintenance and repair costs for diesel vehicles tend to be lower than petrol, and diesel engines often emit fewer CO2 particles. Many people have concerns over diesel nitrous oxide emissions; however, vehicle manufacturers have gone to great lengths to make diesel engines greener and mitigate the risks associated with NOx. Adblue solutions for diesel vehicles have been championed by the HGV and transport sectors for many years, helping to reduce the carbon footprint created by diesel fleets significantly.

New standards and technological advancements have made modern diesel vehicles far more environmentally friendly than their predecessors. Here at Fueltek, we understand how vital diesel is to many businesses and have designed a range of diesel fuel pumps specifically with the needs of diesel users in mind. Our FT4000AP TWIN allows for dispensing and monitoring both diesel and Adblue from the same refuelling station. Like all our products, it can be stand-alone or integrated as part of a complete diesel fuel management system.

farming machinery using rebated fuel

Rebated Fuels

Rebated diesel, also known as red diesel, is fuel used in off-road vehicles and machinery charged at a lower tax rate than traditional fuel. It has been dyed red to distinguish it from regular fuel and isn’t legal for on-road vehicles. It is predominantly used across many industries that rely on off-road vehicles like agriculture, rail travel, and the fishing sector.

Changes to the UK rules surrounding rebated fuels have heavily impacted who can legally use them. In April 2022, the pool of industries and vehicles permitted to use rebated fuel was reduced, with construction, manufacturing, and many logistic and transport companies losing legal access. The cost of switching to regular diesel or petrol, which is taxed at a higher rate, will likely have a sizeable financial impact on those who previously depended on rebated fuel. For the industries affected, switching to an alternative fuel may also mean it’s a good time to invest in a fuel monitoring system, as issues like fuel theft and fuel usage become increasingly important.


Balancing ecological and economic sustainability is a real challenge for fleets worldwide, and HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil) is already helping many fleets reduce their carbon emissions significantly. HVO is a paraffinic diesel made from vegetable oils or animals fats. It’s one of the cleanest fuels available, and most vehicles can run on pure HVO without any modification to the engine.

Biodiesels offer solutions to many of the issues facing fleets today, with up to 90% reductions in CO2 emissions whilst also being compatible with existing vehicles. It can be adopted by both on-road and off-road vehicles and industrial machinery, making it a viable choice for those businesses affected by the rebated fuel rule changes. In addition, it is compatible with fuel management equipment and bunded fuel tanks like those offered by Fueltek.


Ultimately, the right fuel is directly influenced by the business’s demands, needs and expectations. What is a viable and economical fuel for one fleet may not suit another. Regardless of the type of fuel used, fuel management systems from Fueltek can be designed to cater to every requirement for fuel dispensing, storage and monitoring. Browse our catalogue to view our full range of fuel management equipment and fill out our online enquiry form if you want to know more about how Fueltek’s products can help your business take control of your fuel.