All You Need to Know About SafeContractor

In our line of work, safety is of utmost importance, and we take it very seriously. In fact, we have been awarded accreditation from Alcumus SafeContractor for achieving excellence in health and safety in the work place. So, what is … Continue reading

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Case Study: Nestlé

As the world’s largest food and beverage company, Nestlé is looking towards the improvement of both a healthier future and better quality of life. The company endeavours to completely eliminate all environmental impacts on their operations, a step which requires … Continue reading

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Case Study: Home Bargains, Amesbury

A small town in the south of England, typical in every way except for its unique claim to fame. What might that be? It happens to be the oldest town in the world. No, such an accolade does not fall … Continue reading

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How is Diesel Fuel Made from Crude Oil?

You may have previously seen our infographic “The Journey from Crude Oil To Diesel”, but here at FuelTek we wanted to expand on the points we previously made. Diesel is an important factor in running fleets and managing our businesses, … Continue reading

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What is AdBlue and What are the Benefits?

When filling up your vehicle at the fuel station, or purchasing your supply of fuel for your fleet, you may have heard mention of AdBlue. This product is generally sold in the same places where you already purchase your fuel … Continue reading

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Case Study: BWDC

As a council, the BWDC (Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council) is accountable for issues such as environmental protection, fuel costs, energy use, and carbon reduction. When dealing with large vehicle fleets, these factors become even more important. Vital as a … Continue reading

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The Journey From Crude Oil To Diesel [Infographic]

Sometimes we can take advantage of the fact that we can fill up the fleet with diesel, manage our fuel intake, or transfer the diesel from truck to tank. A lot of hard work, engineering and science goes into the … Continue reading

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FORS Accreditation Requirements: Your Route to Best Practice

In certain industries, accreditations can help you on your way to not only gaining extra knowledge but also gaining extra custom through trust and reputation. By having accreditations under your belt, you can build brand awareness, show your knowledge, and … Continue reading

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Best Fuel Management Practices

Fuel management is one of the most important things to consider when operating a fleet of lorries or HGV vehicles. If you are the owner of the fleet, you will want to make sure that the fuel is correctly managed, … Continue reading

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What is the Role of the Commercial Fleet Manager?

A commercial fleet manager has a vast array of responsibilities inherent to the role which must be juggled to keep the whole fleet moving in the right direction. While these responsibilities are constantly changing, some will remain the same no … Continue reading

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Equations of Diesel You Must Know

Diesel is one of the most widely used substances on the planet, as it is used to power lorries, HGVs, and even sea vessels. Diesel is retrieved from the fractional distillation of crude oil, but there are a lot of … Continue reading

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Environmental Responsibility of Fleet Management

Fleet managers are required to consider a wide range of issues about the efficiency of their fleet. While many of these factors place fleet managers under the public’s eye, environmental considerations have risen in the past few years and greatly … Continue reading

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Fuel Storage in Cold Weather

We are still a few weeks away from spring and warmer days, so storing fuel during cold weather remains extremely important. During this season, fleet managers not only need to conserve fuel and ensure their drivers are safe in adverse … Continue reading

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5 Issues Facing the Fleet Management Industry

Fleet management is no doubt a challenging industry. Each fleet has unique business and operational demands and requirements, which present specific issues, and it’s the job of the fleet managers to make sure everything is running smoothly. At Fueltek, we’re … Continue reading

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How to Conserve Fuel During Winter

Smart driving practices are essential at any time of the year, as they improve the fuel efficiency of your lorries. However, they’re even more crucial when the weather turns cold. Fuel efficiency during winter drops dramatically and, while it varies … Continue reading

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Lorry Driving Tips in Adverse Weather Conditions

Driving in winter is very different than driving during any other time of year. Darkness falls early after the clocks go back and lasts for longer periods of time, and adverse weather conditions are common – these can make even … Continue reading

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Fuel Duty Will Not Rise in 2017

Fuel duty is the tax you pay when you purchase fuel. It’s included in the price paid for diesel, petrol and other types of fuel used in vehicles and fleets. Naturally, a rise in fuel duty is a concern for … Continue reading

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Spotlight On: DataDisk

A good automatic fuel monitoring and fuel management system will feature a robust method of vehicle / driver identification. The identification or access method initiates the transaction, The Fueltek FT4000 range offers a selection of access methods to suit the … Continue reading

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What Are You Putting in Your Vehicles? The Science of Fuel

Here at Fueltek, we know a lot about fuel. And it may seem like common knowledge to know the difference between different types of fuel but there are some considerable differences and to understand them, we need to go down the … Continue reading

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The Logistics of Fuel Discrepancies

This can be accomplished through several different means, all of which aim to achieve the same result: ensure you can take full advantage of your fuel while at the same time reducing the number of inconsistencies you may come across. … Continue reading

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